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Urban City Lahore

Urban City Lahore


Everyone desires to reside in Lahore for a variety of reasons. It is one of Pakistan’s largest cities. Second, it provides several chances to all Lahore inhabitants and visitors from other cities. Given this, a large number of people are relocating to this city. This suggests that the demand for residential real estate has soared. Urban City Lahore has been established to meet this purpose.

The fundamental reason for creating this housing concept is to provide individuals with both affordability and elegance. The construction work on this project’s site has also begun. Developers estimate that the full construction and development process will be completed by 2025. Investors in Lahore’s urban city have a wide choice of investment options. Villas, business plots, and residential plots are all available. High-end security, recreational facilities, and even shopping malls are provided in this project.

Owners & Developers of Urban City Lahore

Owners & Developers of Urban City Lahore

Every housing society or real estate project is initially popular because of its developers. People assume that investing in projects controlled by developers is the safest option.

So, if you intend to invest in Urban City Lahore, you will undoubtedly be interested in learning more about the developers involved with the project. Their reputation and experience determine whether the project is a success or a failure.

Al Hafeez Developers and Al Rehman Developers worked together to create Urban City in Lahore. Both companies are well-known in the market. They are well-known for pushing Pakistan’s real estate market to unprecedented heights. They have completed a number of successful real estate projects in Pakistan.

Location of Urban City Lahore

Location of Urban City Lahore

Everyone understands that the appeal of any real estate project is also determined by its location. Investors are always looking for a new real estate project. So, once they discover one, they concentrate their efforts on the location. The location of a project, particularly in the real estate niche, is the most important factor in generating profits.

The Urban City Lahore is located near Kala Shah Kaku, directly close to the main GT road. It is regarded as one of Lahore’s most accessible spots. It is easily accessible from numerous spots throughout Lahore and is one of the city’s most important neighbourhoods.

NOC of Urban City Lahore

NOC of Urban City Lahore

Individuals prefer to know whether a housing project has been approved by the development authority before exhibiting any sale in it.The Town Municipal Authority (TMA) Ferozwala has authorized the Urban City Lahore. Its No Objection Certificate is widely accessible. So, don’t be concerned that you will have problems with your investment in the future.So, if you are interested in investing in this housing project, there is no need for you to wait any longer. This is one of the most prominent projects accessible, along with Lahore Smart City and others.

Total Area of Urban City Lahore

Urban City Lahore is a work of art from start to finish, the result of a collaboration between two of the most well-known names in the real estate industry.  It has a total area of 4,500 Kanal. Furthermore, TMA has given its approval to the land and its purchase, as well as the society.

Master Plan of Urban City Lahore

Master Plan

A society’s master plan is a piece of information that contains all of the information connected to infrastructure and planning. In the case of Urban City Lahore, the master plan was created by Surbana Jurong. Surbana Jurong is the foremost real estate consultancy in Asia. This one was created in 2015 and was held by the Singapore government. The Urban City Masterplan assures that the city has modern infrastructure, high-tech instruments, and premium life services.

Plot Sizes in Urban City Lahore

3 Marla

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 kanal

Commercial Plot in Urban City Lahore

2 Marla

4 Marla

8 Marla

Amenities & Facilities of Urban City Lahore


Green belts are also part of the infrastructure of a city. Green belts are large green stretches that run beside roads. Natural components are incorporated into society as a result of these belts.

The Great Mosque

Urban City Lahore is not a project that focuses solely on delivering luxurious living space. They also attend to the people’s religious demands. They plan to construct a massive mosque in the housing complex for this purpose.

Resources for Water

Water is regarded as one of life’s necessities. It is required of all living things, not just humans. Urban city developers are working hard to ensure that there is no lack of water and that a water reservoir is built in society.

Sui Gas Distribution

The developers are delivering Sui gas 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the residents’ comfort. This is an enticing promise, considering it is difficult to obtain an uninterrupted supply of Sui gas in Pakistan.

Electrical Wiring Underground

Another advantage of investing in the Urban City Lahore is the availability of modern infrastructure. The developers are assuring subterranean electrical wiring so that members of society are not exposed to electrical hazards.

Center for the Community

Urban City Lahore also prioritized community gathering and social life to ensure residents’ greatest level of contact. As a result, community facilities have been created within the housing.


Lahore attracts people who want to follow their goals. It is Punjab’s capital and the major center for all commercial and residential options. The best contribution to Lahore’s ancient landscape is Urban City Lahore. It’s one for the books, from the ideal location to the flexible and simple payment plan.

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