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Khattak City Peshawar

Khattak City Peshawar Main Entrance


Khattak City Peshawar, a cutting-edge housing society developed by Nawab Associates, is prominently located on G.T. Road in Peshawar. Spanning over three thousand kanals, this society offers home plots with flexible payment schedules. Khattak City boasts a wide range of amenities and various-sized homes, making it a highly desirable residential development. Its value is further enhanced by its superb location and thoughtful design, making it the safest new neighborhood in Peshawar.

The builders are committed to creating state-of-the-art infrastructure, a gated community, a grand Jamia Mosque, an impressive entertainment complex, close proximity to hospitals, and renowned schools to ensure Khattak City residents enjoy a tranquil and opulent lifestyle. These details about the society are provided by the developers.

Owners & Developers

Nawab Housing Associates

Nawab Housing Associate Private Limited has undertaken some of Pakistan’s most renowned construction projects, employing skilled specialists, program managers, city planners, craftsmen, and technical experts. Their previous work showcases their wide-ranging services, covering various goals, scopes, locations, structural designs, material sophistication levels, and customer satisfaction.

The company’s primary aim is to deliver high-quality projects on time, adhering to international standards. Khattak City in Peshawar is undoubtedly the trendiest and most enjoyable place to reside.

Location of Khattak City Peshawar

Khattak City Peshawar/Pubbi Location

Khattak City is situated on the Main G.T. Road in Peshawar’s Pabbi neighborhood, making it an ideal location surrounded by prominent office buildings, shopping centers, parks, recreational facilities, and educational institutions. Public transportation is easily accessible, further enhancing the society’s convenience.

NOC of Khattak City Peshawar

NOC Approved Housing Society

Khattak City has obtained the necessary NOC (No Objection Certificate) from TMA Pabbi, ensuring that the society is legally approved and governed by Nowshera Cantonment. This approval instils trust in the project’s legitimacy and its potential for advancement.

Master Plan of Khattak City Peshawar

The master plan for Khattak City has been meticulously crafted and implemented by the developers, who have acquired 3,000 kanals of land to realize this remarkable society’s vision. The plan includes top-notch amusement parks, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and various amenities. Experts recommend investing in this property to enjoy modern amenities and services.

Payment Plan of Khattak City Peshawar

Khattak City Payment Plan

The society’s builders offer affordable payment plans to help individuals save money. The initial down payment is 15%, with the remaining balance payable in 45 monthly installments. Buyers have a two-year window from the reservation date to take possession of their properties.

Development of Khattak City Peshawar

This burgeoning society is rapidly developing with modern infrastructure and services facilitated through collaboration between businesses and government organizations. Being a legally approved residential area with government support, residents can have confidence in the timely completion of construction.

Facilities of Khattak City Peshawar

The developers of Khattak City have incorporated all the modern conveniences at surprisingly affordable rates, meeting the expectations of a high-end neighborhood. A significant portion of the land has been dedicated to parks and open spaces, ensuring a prosperous society where people of all ages can relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Outstanding Infrastructure

Experts and advanced equipment have been employed to ensure that the roads and other infrastructure meet the highest standards. The main boulevard and connecting streets are spacious and aesthetically pleasing.

Community Security

Security is a top priority, and the society is equipped with a comprehensive security system, including constant video surveillance. Additionally, a perimeter wall with a robust security system further enhances safety.

Commercial Zones

The property developers have created a comprehensive business district to fulfill the economic and commercial needs of the residents.

Educational Institutions

Quality educational institutions are provided to ensure that children receive the best possible education from highly qualified professionals.

Environmentally Friendly

Residents of this gated community can enjoy modern conveniences while living harmoniously with the environment, thanks to the proximity to natural features.


The housing society caters to all community members’ needs, including religious requirements, with the construction of a stunning, large Jamia mosque employing the latest construction techniques and technologies.


Khattak City, situated in the heart of Peshawar, Pabbi, Nowshera, has a singular objective: to provide its residents with a fantastic, top-notch living experience. Its luxurious amenities, affordable costs, and strategic location are its primary advantages.

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