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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

Whether it is in the fields of IT, real estate development, or industries, Pakistan is developing every day. In cities, the contemporary architecture fascinates both locals and visitors alike. Along with visiting Pakistan’s northern regions, tourists also like seeing skyscraper-filled cities.

Habib Bank Plaza was the country’s first skyscraper and is one of many high-rise structures in Pakistan. In Karachi in 1963, the structure was built. High-rise construction in Pakistan started after that.

There are numerous towers in Pakistan that are at least 100 meters or higher in height. Additionally, Karachi is a metropolis with a sizable percentage of high-rise structures. Then Lahore, Islamabad, and the rest follow suit.

You should read this blog post through to the finish if you’re interested in learning more about Pakistan’s tallest structures and want to discover the country’s top ten tallest structures, which are distributed among its many cities.

Chapel Skymark

This skyscraper can be found in Karachi as well. With 50 stories, The Chapel Skymark is Pakistan’s biggest residence structure. Achieving the highest level of architectural brilliance is the aim behind the development of this tower.

The developer’s priority is to offer residents a high-end, opulent lifestyle. People’s primary priority is usually their car because it is a valuable financial asset, hence there are several floors devoted to the best parking.

The structure is close to PIDC Karachi. It is an apartment development that is close to numerous well-known Karachi neighborhoods. This is the major factor luring in so many investors. The building is still being built, though.

Bakht Tower

The tower is a mixed-use structure, meaning it has both residential and business spaces. The structure, which has 33 levels, has a very attractive design.

This tower is also in Karachi and is located in the Clifton neighborhood, facing the water. In 2015, the building’s construction was finished. Several large corporations and even families currently occupy the structure.

Bahria Icon Tower

In Pakistan, Bahria Icon Tower is the tallest structure. The building is located in Karachi, Sindh, not far from the Arabian Sea coast.

A 62-story tower with corporate offices and apartments is part of the property. Additionally, it features 42 story mixed-use structures.

Additionally, a shopping center of world standards is operating between the two towers. Malik Riaz, a well-known Pakistani business magnate in the construction sector, is the owner of the Bahria Icon Tower.

Ocean Towers

At a prominent intersection of Clifton and Do Talwar is one of Pakistan’s most majestic and substantial buildings. Because of the building’s height, passersby may see it from a distance.

The tower is a type of commercial building that includes theatres, workplaces, and even a shopping mall. The projects start in the 2000s with spending in the billions, and they are completed in 2021. The structure comprises thirty levels.

Additionally, the Ocean Towers feature a powerhouse that can generate 5 megawatts of electricity; thus, they also generate electricity on their own.

Mega G4 Tower

Karachi is home to another large structure in Pakistan that is well-known for housing offices for businesses. Although it’s possible that some people won’t know this building after reading its name, practically everyone is familiar with the building’s layout.

The 27-story structure has a location next to Teen Talwar, one of Clifton’s well-known sights. Since the bank operates a regional head office in the tower, the enormous HBL emblem can be seen on the structure even from a distance. The building is also known as HBL Mega Corporate Tower for this primary reason.

One Constitution Avenue

One Constitution Avenue

A prospective development with opulent residences is located close to the Jinnah Convention Center in Islamabad. The building can legitimately be described as being in the center of both Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the twin cities.

With many buildings and 26 levels, the opulent structure has CDA approval. Due to the project’s development in accordance with worldwide standards, it presents a beneficial investment opportunity.

Dolmen Towers

A project called Dolmen Towers combines both residential and business components. The structure belongs to the same category as Karachi, one of Pakistan’s largest buildings.

Tower A and Tower B, the two towers that make up the Dolmen Mall, are identical in height and have 40 floors each.

The fact that there are parking levels above the ground floor makes these skyscrapers a favorite among the populace. The mall is near to Karachi’s main business district, which located along the city’s coastline.

The Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus Mall

Islamabad is home to one of Pakistan’s largest structures, the Centaurus Mall. The structure has an amazing and distinctive design.

It has three skyscrapers, all of which are connected to a mall. It has 26 stories in the mall. The mall was built beginning in 2005 and was finished in 2011. But in 2013, the mall opened for business.

Arfa Software Technology Park

The tower’s previous name, Software Technology Park, was later changed. The stunning high-rise structure is situated on Ferozepur Road in Lahore.

The building’s construction started in 2006 and was finished in 2012. The largest IT building in Pakistan, especially in Punjab, despite the fact that it isn’t the tallest structure in the country. The Punjab Information Technology Board owns the 17-story tower.

Ufone Tower Islamabad

Ufone Tower Islamabad

This skyscraper is situated in Pakistan’s Islamabad’s Blue Area. The tower is 26 stories high. Pakistan Telecommunication Trust built the tower, which was created by renowned firm NESPAK.

The top ten tallest structures in Pakistan are those mentioned above, but there are many others nearby. The developers are also focusing on constructing more high-rise structures because this is the only method to address the overcrowding problems in urban regions.


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