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TAB City Rawalpindi

Tab City Rawalpindi


A carefully thought-out home development called Tab City Rawalpindi is situated on the main GT Road Dhoke Kharian and gives a magnificent view of verdant hills.

The accessibility to Tab City from the main hubs of the twin cities is one of its most appealing qualities. This future big housing society is situated within a 20-minute commute from both Rawat and Giga Mall.

Being a developing and expanding project, Tab City Rawalpindi has guaranteed all the essential and fundamental utilities required to support a full lifestyle that also includes top-notch infrastructure, opulent amenities, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Additionally, the management has guaranteed that the community will be developed in accordance with international standards so that residents can take advantage of a higher standard of living while still being strictly supervised and governed by the developers.

TAB City Rawalpindi

Owners & Developers of TAB City:

The developers and owners of Tab City Rawalpindi are Tab Builders, who are devoted to provide top-notch building services.

They also work closely with clients to guarantee that projects are completed to the highest standards on schedule and within the investors’ budgets.

Customer service and the attitude of working together with clients to develop a competitive and effective delivery with a high-quality approach to building materials and services have always been highlighted by Tab Builders.

Real Estate Company Tab Builders specializes in both residential and commercial building.

TAB Builders was established in the middle of 2020 and is quickly expanding both as a team and as a company, with the goal of offering advantages to clients.

It is essential and a core value in a market that is competitive to maximize customer benefits. This newly established firm employs internationally accepted policies, such as monthly rents, a no-buyback policy, and others, to offer clients first-rate services.

They commit to providing clients with sincere service, trust, and loyalty in order to establish a relationship based on truth.

Tab City Rawalpindi Developers & Owners provides a range of services managed by specialists and professionals, including:

  • Construction, general
  • Construction Administration
  • Design Construction
  • Pre-building

The administration and developers are committed to providing Tab City with all of the amenities that people want.

NOC of TAB City:

An official document called a no-objection certificate (NOC) is necessary to finish a number of actions.

The management is eager to finish all the requirements to make any society accepted and entirely lawful because this society is still in its early stages of development.

Because of this, the management and developers have been working nonstop to turn the page. To ensure that Top City Rawalpindi’s NOC is given as quickly as possible, the necessary documentation is being properly organized and submitted to the relevant authorities.

Because NOC is a vital component that must be included at all costs in real estate transactions. The development will move more quickly after Tab City receives approval from the government to operate.

TAB City location:

TAB City location Map

The location of a property is crucial when considering an investment in a housing society since buyers typically want and need easy access to amenities and transit alternatives, which is why location matters in the real estate market.

This entails that a variety of dining options, grocery stores, retail malls, and other entertainment venues are all nearby and conveniently located under one roof.

Location and Map of Tab City Rawalpindi were built in a prime area close to Rawalpindi’s GT Road. It takes about 10 minutes to get there from Rawat and Giga Mall.

Master Plan of TAB City:

The master plan for Tab City Rawalpindi is being handled by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with years of expertise in the relevant field.

They used their top-notch skill sets to construct and develop the master plan for Tab City. This amazing emerging civilization claims to include and offer all essential and extravagant amenities right outside the door.

The organization made sure that the development and infrastructure were of the greatest caliber by hiring qualified engineers. The management will soon present the Tab City Rawalpindi Masterplan.

Payment Plan of TAB City:

Payment Plan of TAB City

With a fair payment schedule, the Tab City Rawalpindi Payment Plan offers plots.

The developers have devised a straightforward three-year payment plan with an initial down payment and 36 monthly available at Tab City to help investors and residents.

Additionally, the investors must pay a specific amount extra depending on the size of the plot.

Facilities of TAB City:

Facilities of TAB City

Outstanding infrastructure development is promised for Tab City Rawalpindi.

In order to attain ideal development, this housing project ensures the inclusion of several features and facilities, including sidewalks, pavements, planned properties, and other crucial frameworks that are produced under highly refined and skilled hands along with cutting-edge technology.


TAB City will be a gated and carefully secured neighborhood. People who are not authorized will not be allowed in society.

The society will be surrounded by a solid boundary wall to increase security. To prevent unauthorized visitors and accidents in the society, further features like face recognition and key cards will be included.


Building a vast network of carpeted roads throughout society is the first step in the infrastructure project that society has already started.

These roads will connect all of the society’s regions. These roadways will include concrete walkways and pathways for walkers and bicycles, and they will be 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet wide, respectively.

Power Plant:

The government have suggested that an electric power plant be installed in society to prevent load shedding.

The availability of electricity in the society will guarantee a more effective and productive community with society’s very own power plant.


For Pakistanis, TAB City is the housing society of their dreams. This society’s key selling point is its affordability and availability of all modern conveniences.

Prices are still modest because society is still in its infancy. In one to two years, when society has completely matured, prices may increase, making these low costs no longer feasible.


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