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New Metro City Gujjar Khan


New Metro City Gujjar Khan is a brand-new, cutting-edge undertaking; construction project on a major project will soon start in the center of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

It is a prestigious housing development with tasteful design accents and lots of unique features. This project is starting not far from Islamabad, one of Pakistan’s most significant cities.

The lifestyle being developed is exactly what buyers and investors in today’s market are looking for. Plots are also being offered at fair costs, and there will definitely be flexible payment alternatives.

The most impactful element is that this project will be completing under the supervision of property tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain of Bahria Town.

Owners and Developers:

BSM Developers, a well-known company, announced this remarkable accomplishment. The businessman behind New Metro City is Malik Riaz Sb’s grandson.

Following in his father’s business acumen, they are proudly showcasing one successful company in Pakistan after another. BSM Developers started constructing housing societies at Gwadar Golf City.

Following that, they offered New Metro City Kharian, and they are currently creating another masterpiece for the heading tower.

This will undoubtedly be a cutting-edge project with top-notch amenities. Wide roads, modern utilities, and a hygienic living environment will all be features of this new development.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this society will be developed in accordance with DHA and Bahria Town standards.

Location of New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

Location of New Metro City Gujjar Khan

The geographical location of any society is crucial. Because of this, this project has been skillfully designed to be at the most desirable and visible location in the city.

Near Islamabad, it is conveniently located on Main GT Road. There are numerous entrances to the New Metro City Gujjar Khan from various routes, including the major entry on GT road.

The best location in New Metro City Gujjar Khan is close to the major thoroughfares of the twin cities. Both investing and residing in this part of society are highly recommended.

Most importantly, all the facilities and business places are nearby due to their outstanding connectivity and accessibility. If investors are looking for a posh place to reside close to Islamabad, they would like this area.

Because of its prominent location and reasonable price, this establishment is well-known. The Gujjar Khan location of the upcoming New Metro City makes it a prime area for real estate investment.

It is initially reasonable, but within a few years the costs will triple. Throughout the project’s overall planning, every aspect of a top-notch living facility was taken into account. The abundance of top-notch schools and hospitals nearby make this area even better.

Master Plan of New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

The master plan is now being developed by this society. Work is currently being done because it is a new venture. The entire area, which will be further subdivided into numerous blocks, will shortly be made available to the public.

Each of its blocks will have the best residential and commercial properties. The advantages of modern amenities will be these homes’ main selling point.

For housing and investment purposes, they will be regarded as the best. The master design for this society will be up to par given how skillfully the developers constructed Gwadar Golf City and New Metro City Kharian. Investments will produce a fantastic and joyful return.

Residential Plots in New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

Because this society is still developing, you will only find the nicest residential plots for sale. However, as construction work begins, you’ll have access to more possibilities. Plots have the following dimensions:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial Plots in New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

Only until a society can satisfactorily satiate the residential and business needs of investors can it be said to be at its finest. It offers carefully thought-out advertisements for sale.

They can be purchased with a variety of flexible payment methods. The following sizes of these advertisements:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla

New Metro City Gujjar Khan Payment Plan

New Metro City Gujjar Khan Payment Plan

Plot Prices in New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

This new society makes it possible to make straightforward purchases by offering plots at the lowest prices. The prices will be disclosed soon.

However, it is confirmed that the prices would be fair. With a small down payment, these plots can be secured, and the balance can be paid back gradually. In terms of price, accessibility, and ease of payment, these plots are ideal.

Facilities & Amenities of New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

New Metro City Gujjar Khan will provide every single facility to its residents.

Facilities & Amenities of New Metro City Gujjar Khan

The several amenities are:

Water Resources:

The society has taken into account the citizens’ water needs. To do this, massive quantities of water will be kept in water reservoirs that the locals can use for daily activities. Filter plants will also be a part of the mall to guarantee pure drinking water.

Economic and Commercial Hub:

The developers have taken care of all requirements for the residents’ economic and commercial needs. As a result, the society will provide a complete business environment. These parts of the mall allow the locals to fulfil all of their shopping needs.

Secure Gated Project:

People need to feel safe when they are in a society. In gated communities, safety is guaranteed. A security system with 24/7 CCTV cameras and other strategically placed surveillance tools provides people with total security.

To further boost security, a boundary wall with a failsafe mechanism will encircle of the society.

  • Commercial Shops
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 protection
  • Maintenance
  • Water Supplies
  • Eco-community
  • Quality Development in a gated community
  • Gas, electricity, and water
  • Gorgeous entrance
  • Electrification underground
  • World-class infrastructure development for sewerage and trash removal

Why to invest in New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

This is a magnificent housing project near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This project is being developed by the business and real estate tycoon of Pakistan Malik Riaz Hussain.

This is the main reason behind the investment in New Metro City Gujjar Khan. Investors and individual idealize to live in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and now it’s your chance to invest and live in a community to dream for.

The developers also completed the project new metro city Kharian, which has got the huge success.

How can you book your plot in New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

Since Etimaad International values its clients’ confidence and openness, we advise asking about the most recent paperwork needs before making a reservation.

To purchase a property in New Metro City, the following paperwork is necessary.

  • Two passport Size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of your next-of-identification kin’s card

Frequently Asked Question New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

These are the some frequently asked question from the clients:

Q1: What is the New Metro City Gujjar Khan and how is it different from other projects?

A housing project called New Metro City Gujjar Khan was created to give inhabitants a distinctive living experience at a reasonable price. Its creation has received the full attention of a group of engineers, architects, and other personnel with years of experience.

Q2: Is it a reasonably priced real estate project?

Because of the simple installment plans, there is no question. The management has been instrumental in striking a balance between affordability and luxury.

Q3: A high yield investment return is possible for this society?

Yes, because tiny investors can afford the installment plans. Increasing the likelihood of high-yield investment returns as a result.


A world-class, opulent lifestyle for the residents is the sole objective of the opulent society known as New Metro City Gujjar Khan. The key characteristics of this society are its location, affordability, and opulent amenities.


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