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Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan


Model Town Multan offers a dream location to own a property in the heart of Multan. This housing society in the city of saints and Sufism provides all modern facilities. It is designed to accommodate families with and peaceful environment.


Model Town Multan phase I&II are jointly developed by Multan Development Authority (MDA) and Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). It was approved in 1999 by the government.

The 99-acre property belongs to ETPB and all of the 490 plots have been transferred to their owners. The development projects such as water, electricity, sewerage, and roads have been developed.

However, phase-III of the town is a self-income scheme of MDA and it was launched in 2005. This phase is a 41-acre property comprising of 226 plots. All the development work has also been completed.

Model Town Multan Location/Map:

It is located on a prime location on Northern Bypass and in the close vicinity of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Wapda Town, and DHA Multan.

Model Town Multan Map

Accessibility of the housing society

Model Town Multan is accessible in the following ways:

  • 12 min drive to BahauddinZakariya University
  • 03 min drive to Wapda Town via Northern Bypass
  • 20 min drive to DHA MultanviaBosan Rd/Education Avenue and Jinnah Ave
  • 8 min drive to Satellite Town Multan via Model Town Blvd and Sharif Rd N-5

Nearby housing societies

Model Town Multan is also near to many residential societies such as:

  • Satellite Town
  • Wapda Town
  • DHA Multan
  • Gulgasht Colony
  • PIA Housing Employees
  • Zakariya Town
  • Quaid e Azam Cooperative Housing Scheme

Model Town Multan nearby societies

Model Town Multan NOC:

The NOC of this society got its approval from Multan Development Authority in 1999 from along with all the necessary planning permissions. The complete information of its NOC can be verified from the official website of MDA.

Master Plan of Model Town Multan:

The masterplan of Model Town Multan has reached the excellence of development, discussed in the following sections:

Area of Model Town Multan
Model Town Multan phase I&II is spread over an area of 99-acres comprising of 490 residential plots. Phase-III has an area of 41-acres with 226 residential plots.

Model Town Multan Master plan


Model Town Multan has three blocks named Block-A, Block-B, and Block-C.

Block –A:

Block-A is the main block of Model Town Multan. It is lush green, developed, and provided with all the upgraded modern facilities. A-block is close to the Northern bypass via education avenue.

This block is fully equipped with the latest utilities & services. This block is maintained well giving away a clean and beautiful look. Both types of residential and commercial plots are available in this block.

Block –B:

Block-B is the second beautifully developed block of this housing society. This block is completely developed with all the modern-day utilities. The development in this block represents true high living standards that society may offer.

This block is near to the Northern bypass and also close to many residential societies like DHA Multan and Wapda Town Multan. The structural development in this block is worthy of the investment. This is also one of the reasons that people are fascinated and attracted.

Block –C:

Block-c is the most recently developed block among the other two blocks. It features all the state of the art facilities. It is located opposite to the Block-A on the Northern bypass. It is well developed and maintained block offering families a secure and peaceful environment for their loved ones.

The quality standard and facilities provided in this block are comparable to any newly developed housing society in Pakistan. It comprises of beautiful and maintained lush green parks with play areas for children.

It also has the other major areas for the residents such as schools & colleges, hospitals & pharmacies. This block is also in close vicinity of the famous and state of the art Bahauddin Zikarya university.

Residential Plots:


Plot Sizes in Model Town Multan:

In Block A there are plots available of different sizes.

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Prices of Plots in Model Town Multan:

Prices for plots fluctuate with time and it depends on different factors such as inflation and overall rates. The following are carefully estimated prices of plots:

  • 10 Marla: the starting price of 60 lacs (Est.)
  • 1 Kanal: starting price 1 crore (Est.)


Prices for plots fluctuate with time and it depends on different factors such as inflation and overall rates. The following are carefully estimated prices of plots:

Plot Sizes in Model Town Multan:

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Prices of Plots in Model Town Multan:

  • 10 Marla: the starting price of 70 lacs (Est.)
  • 1 Kanal: starting price 1 crore (Est.)


Prices for plots fluctuate with time and it depends on different factors such as inflation and overall rates. The following are carefully estimated prices of plots:

Plot Sizes in Model Town Multan:

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Prices of Plots in Model Town Multan:

  • 10 Marla: the starting price of 90 lacs (Est.)
  • 1 Kanal: the starting price of 1.5 crores (Est.)


  • Innovative infrastructure and a wide network of roads
  • Availability of water, gas, and electricity
  • Emergency medical centers and surgical hospitals
  • Contemporary sewerage management system
  • Waste management disposal systems
  • State-of-the-art business and shopping centers
  • Recreational areas such as parks
  • Schools & colleges
  • Jamia mosques


Model Town Multan offers all the necessary facilities that any family requires.

Planned sewerage system:

Model Town Multan as mentioned earlier is a properly planned town with its sewerage system to dispose-off the waste through underground wide pipelines.

Emergency medical and surgical centers:

Model Town Multan has all the basic medical facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies to cater to the medical needs of the residents at the doorstep.

Road Infrastructure:

Model Town Lahore is laid with the wide carpeted roads and carpeted streets for the smooth running of transport in and out of the society without any congestion of traffic at even rush hours.

Recreational spaces and parks:

Special land area is allocated and developed for recreational activities including lush green parks and play areas for children providing a healthy environment for the residents.

Quality educational institutions:

High-class educational institutions schools and colleges are also developed to give high standards of education to the children.

Model Town Mosque:

Jamia mosque has also been constructed so that people may develop a strong connection with ALLAH by offering 5 times prayer within their society.

Pros & Cons:

Benefits Drawbacks
24/7 Water Misperception of high prices
24/7 Electricity (Load Shedding free zone)

Society`s own Grid Station

24/7 Gas
Planned Parks/Recreational Areas
Grocery/shopping center
Community centers
Peaceful/ healthy environment
Gated community
Close to the main location other societies
Wide carpeted Roads & Passages, main Boulevard road
Well-planned drainage systems
Lush Green society

Guidelines to follow while purchasing/Sale:

Document Verification:

Always verify the documents with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication and hassle. Before making any purchase or sale of the property make sure to demand the NOC and approval document by MDA. By this, your documentation will be valid and we may view the city may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before getting into a transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please ensure that your finances are by your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be completed without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents, do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.

Why Invest in Model Town Multan?

Model Town Multan is a well planned residential housing society striving to provide a luxurious and green living location to its inhabitants.

Location is always the main factor for any sort of investment. This beautiful housing society has approval from Multan Development Authority (MDA).

Model Town Multan is situated at the heart of Multan city and has numerous access ways that make it an easily accessed premium location.

The prime area, fast-paced construction, and quality construction projects have enabled the Model Town Multan the beautiful and attractive gem for investors.

The main fascination in this town is its quality infrastructure and the tranquility that appropriately marks it as a paradise on earth.


Model Town Multan is a sort of society that a resident craves for. That is because investing in this housing scheme will always give you unimaginable benefits, may that be financial or psychological satisfaction that you achieve by living in this serene and tranquil society.

This society will never disappoint you in any way you look at it. The credit also goes to its planners who gave their best thoughts and time to their brain child and gifted to the city of Sufis. The clean, green, and safe environment of the society can attract people and investors.

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