Meezan City Rawalpindi

Meezan City Rawalpindi


Meezan City

Meezan City is a stunning new residential development in Rawalpindi. Meezan City is a worthwhile enterprise among the several housing communities near the New Islamabad International Airport.

It is committed to establishing a prestigious housing society that will raise your living standards to unrivalled levels. It’s a location where luxury, comfort, and excellence all come together.

You can have your dream home with outstanding facilities in the centre of the twin cities. In comparison to nearby housing societies along Chakri Road, Meezan City Islamabad provides residential plots at a significantly lower cost.

It is a master planned community that adheres to worldwide development standards. All of the necessities of modern life are concentrated in one area.

It provides plenty of scenic vistas in the midst of the most natural environment to maintain the nature versus modernism balance. Enjoy the comforts of living in the privacy of your own home, tucked away from the noise and bustle of the city.

Location of Meezan City:

Meezan City location is in the heart of Chakri Road’s new residential district along the M2 Lahore-Islamabad highway. It’s only 3 kilometers distant from Chakri Interchange, to be precise. Meezan City Islamabad is located near the M2 Lahore-Islamabad highway.

If we look at commute routes to Meezan City Islamabad, we can see that it is easily accessible in a variety of ways. Each one is detailed in detail further down.

Motorway M-2 (Lahore-Islamabad): Whether travelling from Rawalpindi or Islamabad, the best route to Meezan City Islamabad is by Motorway M-2 via Chakri Road.

However, some routes are significantly longer than others. However, the journey is shorter because there are no signals and no traffic jams.

New Islamabad International Airport: As stated in the Meezan City Islamabad Master Plan, this society would launch an abroad block.

Meezan City Islamabad is positioned adjacent to the New Islamabad International Airport, which is only a 15-minute drive away, in order to maximise their convenience. Capital Smart City is a good example.

Rawalpindi Ring Road is a road that is currently being built in Rawalpindi. After it is completed, it will significantly cut the time it takes to get to Meezan City Islamabad. In specifically, the overall time to arrive will be decreased from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 11 minutes. Furthermore, this specific route will be free of major traffic congestion.

Owners & Developers of Meezan City:

Quetta Shaheen Builders and Green Marketing have collaborated on Meezan City Islamabad. Quetta Shaheen Builders aspires to provide you with a cost-effective and practical housing alternative. It is dedicated to providing a high-quality standard of development in Islamabad.

Quetta Shaheen Builders brings the greatest alternative to invest in Real Estate, keeping in mind the residential plot rates in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Meezan City Islamabad has recently entered the market. It has a great chance of providing a large financial return & (ROI).

Master Plan for Meezan City:

Master Plan of Meezan City Rawalpindi

Meezan City Islamabad’s master plan has been thoroughly prepared to make it a world-class project. Everything has been meticulously designed for you. The society is dispersed across vast swaths of country.

The entire civilization is separated into several blocks in order to maximise the project’s efficiency. Meezan City Islamabad covers a total area of 15000 Kanal.

Blocks in Meezan City:

There are three blocks in the pre-launch state:

  • General block
  • Executive block
  • Overseas block

Meezan City Islamabad has a variety of residential plots available. It has provided residential plots in the following categories in the pre-launch stage.

  • 5 Marla residential plot
  • 7 Marla residential plot
  • 10 Marla residential plot
  • 1 Kanal residential plot
  • 2 Kanal residential plot

Farmhouses in Meezan City:

Meezan City Farmhouses are not yet available. The developers, on the other hand, intend to make the most of the natural surroundings. In order to achieve this, it has chosen to provide farmhouses at a later date. The following categories of farmhouses will be available in Meezan City Islamabad.

  • 4 Kanal farmhouse
  • 6 Kanal farmhouse
  • 8 Kanal farmhouse

Commercial Plots in Meezan City, Islamabad:

Any project’s backbone is the commercial arena. Meezan City Islamabad has a fantastic commercial zone planned. It is the location where your business will receive the boost it requires, thanks to abundant parking space. Commercial plots are available in Meezan City Islamabad in the following categories.

  • 5 Marla commercial plot
  • 8 Marla commercial plot

Plan of Payment for Meezan City:

Meezan City Islamabad’s pre-launch price plan consists of a four-year installment plan. It has 48 monthly installments and 8 half-yearly installments in total.

You can choose between the two options based on your preferences. The reservation of plots in Meezan City Islamabad begins with a 10% down payment.

Status of Development in Meezan City:

The site’s development work has already begun. The plot measurement is currently in progress. Heavy machinery is used on the job site to level the ground. Aside from that, the earthwork has begun.

Amenities in Meezan City:

Meezan City is a cutting-edge neighborhood. It ensures a wide range of comprehensive options for the residents’ maximum convenience. It will become a hallmark of urban growth, utilizing cutting-edge technical processes. With Meezan City Islamabad, ultra-modern living is now within reach. Prepare to be exposed to a modern way of life.

The most important Meezan City Islamabad features are given below.

  • Gated Boundary and community barriers
  • Gates with secure entrances
  • Security guards who are always on the lookout
  • Cars on the lookout
  • Surveillance by CCTV
  • Load-shedding Unrestricted Environment
  • Utilities supply that isn’t disrupted
  • Backup power
  • Plant for sewage treatment
  • Theme Parks
  • Bird parks in zoos
  • Running paths
  • Golf Academy and Club
  • Hospitals that meet international standards
  • Institutes of higher learning
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Caf├ęs and restaurants


Meezan City Rawalpindi is one of the newly launched housing projects. The main time of the investment is initial. The pre-launch phase of Meezan City Islamabad plot booking is now underway.

The merchandise is quickly running out due to its low prices and accessibility. If you want to reserve a plot in Meezan City Islamabad, you should do so right now.

The price of residential and commercial plots in Meezan City Islamabad is projected to rise dramatically in the near future.

So take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and increase your return on investment. For booking and further updates you can visit Etimaad international.


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