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Jubilee Town Lahore


If you are planning to build a house of your own at the prime location of Lahore, jubilee town is the most suitable option.

Situated on the scenic locality of Lahore, adjacent to the lush Bagh-e-Jinnah, this town is a chief housing plan by Lahore development authority (LDA), that provides you with a range of houses of different marlas and kanals, having all the basic amenities that you want.


The master project of jubilee town was initiated in 1998 by LDA, and since then, the housing society is facilitating its community with a number of plots of varied sizes at affordable rates.

Jubilee town housing scheme has been an epitome of excellent infrastructure and developments from its inception.

It is near to Multan road, and is surrounded by other famous housing societies of Lahore, such as Izmir Town, Punjab Government Servant hosing scheme, LDA Avenue, and Bahria Town Lahore.


Founded by the provincial assembly under the LDA act of 1975, Lahore development authority is striving to make Lahore “A World Class City”.

It is aimed at providing standard public facilities to the inhabitants of Lahore through different socio-economic and developmental programs.

LDA is benefitting the people through upgraded low-cost housing schemes, a better sanitation and drainage system, smoot traffic running, and by advocating plantation and forestation in the city.

One the prime projects of Lahore Development Authority is Jubilee Town housing plan, that is one of the best developments by LDA developers.


Jubilee town Lahore is sited at the Main Mohlanwal Road that is adjacent to the main Multan Road. It is connected to other towns in the city, for instance, Izmir Town, Bahria Town, Tricon Village, AWT, etc., through the Canal Road.

Another road close to the society is Ali Akbar road that renders it commercial and connects it with different parts of the city.

The location of Jubilee town Lahore is of prime importance due to surrounding buildings, including University of Sargodha (Lahore Campus), Descon, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Naveena Denim, US Denim, US Aparal, and the head office of Orient Group of Companies. Indus Hospital and Fatima Jinnah Institute of Dental Science are also near to the housing society.


If you want to have your own land, fulfilling all the legal requirements regarding land ownership, Jubilee town Lahore is the most suitable choice as it is offered the approved NOCs by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) for all of their projects.

The society is free of land encroachments, and have received approved NOCs for building plots, seeking loans for their building plans, and extending the construction time period for their plots.

The new plot owners can appeal for their ownership at the window cell of Lahore Development Authority, and once they get their proprietorship letters, LDA would authorize their maps so that they can start off with the construction of their houses.

Master Plan

 Master Plan of Jubilee Town

You can catch a glimpse of the master plan of the housing society by looking at the following map, and decide where you want the residence of your own.


Jubilee town Lahore offers you a range of commercial and residential plots and standard lifestyle at affordable prices. It covers large-scale area with more than 4300 residential and commercial plots.

One of the best features of the town is its apt location, making the other parts of the city easily accessible to you through the connecting roads like Canal road and Ali Akbar road.

The exquisite Bagh-e-Jinnah is also nearby, adding to the beauty of the locality. Wide, carpeted roads measuring 150, 80, 60, 40, and 30 feet of width surround the society for the smooth and silky run of the traffic, however, extensive streets are also laid within the society.

The width of each street is 30 feet, while that of the main Boulevard is 150 feet. The roads and streets are shaded with lush green trees that enhance the beauty and freshness of the locality.

Apart from residential and commercial apartments, Jubilee town Lahore is a fully developed housing society that also includes parks, mosques, pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, schools, and shops, keeping in view the interests and needs of the people.


For the sake of smooth and quality distribution of all the amenities to its residents and flawless management, this residential scheme is split into different blocks that are Block-A, Block-B, Block-C, Block-D, Block-E, and Block-F. the residents of these blocks enjoy the same facilities of water, electricity, gas, internet, and telephone.

Residential plots

Jubilee town Lahore offers you the residential plots of your own taste with all the basic necessities and an improved lifestyle.

The residential blocks are located at the prime location of the society, free of the noise and hustle and bustle of the city, in all of the six blocks.

The plots are of varied sizes, depending on the interest of the buyers, ranging from 3 marla to 1 kanal. Starting with the price of PKR 25 lac, the residential plots are supplied with the facilities of water, electricity, Sui gas, internet, and telephone. Plots of 3 marla, 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal are available.

Jubilee town payment plans keep on changing with time and the trends of the real estate market, such as the rise and fall of the property rates, however, the society always endeavors to prioritize the interests of the purchasers and keep the prices affordable.

The rates differ owing to the location of the plots in the society, their sizes, and the provided facilities. Jubilee town Lahore offers you with easy payment plans and installments plans for residential plots as compared to the other housing societies of Lahore, ensuring the ease and comfort of the clients.

Commercial plots

Jubilee Town Lahore not only provides you with the residential plots, but also with the commercial plots at inexpensive rates. Theses commercial plots range from 1 kanal plots to 1.2 kanal plots in size, and PKR 3.85 crore to PKR 11 crore in price.

The commercial plots are also sited at the most apt location in the society, and can be utilized as shops, companies, offices, stores, schools, colleges, cinemas, gyms, and salons, so that the residents get all the commercial facilities within the society. Furthermore, these commercial plots are also offered at easy rents, and affordable payment and installment plans.

Payment Plan of Jubilee Town Lahore

Payment Plan of Jubilee Town Lahore


In a world where everyone is striving to have an improved and a better way of living, this housing society never fails to upgrade the lifestyle of the residents by providing them all the facilities at hand. It is true that home is the first place where you seek comfort.

Therefore, jubilee town Lahore leaves no stone unturned to make your resident comfortable. The houses are at the best of locations, where you are away from the noise and air pollution of the city.

There are wide rooms with upgraded attached washrooms, and a beautiful kitchen. In order to maintain freshness in the house, there is a system of ventilation, so that you do not feel suffocated.

The housing society distributes technological features and advanced facilities among the people. Despite the crisis of load-shedding of gas in winters and of electricity in summers, and shortage of water all over Pakistan, jubilee town is not insensitive to the problem of its community.

It delivers all the basic services to its people 24/7, including water, gas, electricity, and an extensive sewage and drainage system.

In order to connect the residents with their loved ones living far off, jubilee town Lahore provides the facility of telephone that works 24/7.

The inhabitants are also facilitated with speedy internet so that they can be a part of social-networking. There are beautiful gardens, with colorful flowers and shady trees, which enhance the scenery of the society.

The housing society keeps in view the interests of the people of every age group. For children, there are broad parks where they can play.

For youngsters, there are gyms, cinemas, shops, and salons. Also, there are beautiful mosques inside the society to call for prayers five times a day. Different schools are also constructed, providing quality education to the students, including Allied School.

Moreover, various banks have their branches in the society and their ATMs are available 24/7. With the rise of population in the city, there is a rise in traffic on the roads.

Hence, this housing scheme lays wide and extensive roads and streets to avoid traffic jam and accidents.

Jubilee Town Lahore provides the best housing facilities at the best rates, and the developers do not make any compromise on the quality and standards of living. The staff and the skilled engineers work 24/7 to meet the challenge of providing a deluxe lifestyle to the residents.

Pros and Cons


  • affordable rates
  • easy payment plans
  • easy installment plans
  • 24/7 electricity
  • 24/7 gas
  • 24/7 water
  • smooth drainage and sewage system
  • telephone
  • internet
  • fire control
  • wide streets and roads
  • impeccable security
  • schools
  • Health zones
  • playgrounds
  • cinemas
  • saloons
  • fitness centers
  • mosques
  • banks
  • swimming pools
  • friendly staff
  • skilled engineers
  • excellent infrastructure
  • time-to-time sales on commercial and residential plots


  • increase in population with time

Why invest in Jubilee Town Lahore?

If you have invested or are planning to invest in this housing scheme, you are making the right decision. One of the things that need consideration before buying a house of your own is its cost.

This housing society offers you the residential and commercial plots of your own choice at the most reasonable rates. If you compare the rates that are offered here with those of other housing schemes, you will find that the prices here are low at a considerable rate.

Furthermore, this society is at the commercial location of Lahore, surrounded with beautiful scenes of bagh-e-Jinnah. If you are a resident of this society, you are easily accessible to all the other parts of the city. So, what are you waiting for? Jubilee Town Lahore welcomes you to buy a fantastic residence of your own.

Writer’s Perspective

As mentioned before, this housing society is one of the best projects by the LDA developers due to the reasonable prices of the plots and all the basic amenities that are being offered. However, following are some of the guidelines that you must follow before purchasing a property in the society.

  • Make an inquiry about the NOC and the other approval documents for self-satisfaction.
  • Verify all your documents from LDA.
  • Before purchasing or selling a property, make sure the funds are in accordance with the purchase or sale plan.
  • Do check the availability of the basic facilities, i.e., water supply, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, cable, etc.
  • Make a basic structural inspection of the property to avoid any mishap.
  • Check your adjacency to educational institutes, hospitals, commercial zones, health-care centers, amusement centers, and other important buildings that increase the worth of a property.


In a nutshell, Jubilee Town Lahore is a master residential plan by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) at the prime location of Lahore.

It features residential and commercial plots of varied sizes, at the most stable and reasonable prices, and does not fail to improve the standard of living by providing all the amenities at hand.

The infrastructure is developed keeping in view the new trends in the real estate market. The society offers you uncomplicated payment and installment plans.

Moreover, the society does not make any compromise on the safety of its residents. With each passing day, the housing society is making efforts to facilitate its residents in every possible way and become a paragon of development excellence.

FAQs about Jubilee Town Lahore

Here you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions about the housing society.

What is Jubilee Town Lahore?

Jubilee Town Lahore is lavish residential scheme in Lahore, offering residential and commercial plots of varied sizes and rates.

Who are the developers of Jubilee Town Lahore?

Jubilee Town Lahore is a mega project of Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Is Jubilee Town Lahore legal?

The housing society is a legitimate scheme that is granted approved NOC by LDA.

Does Jubilee Town Lahore Offers any installment plan?

Jubilee Town Lahore offers easy installment plans, keeping the ease of the clients at forefront.

Which facilities does the society provides to its inhabitants?

The housing society provides you with all the basic and latest facilities such as water supply, electricity, gas, internet, cables, telephone, gyms, salons, health-zones, amusement zones, and many more.

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