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Graceland Housing Society Islamabad

Graceland Housing Society Islamabad is owned by an overseas Pakistani Mian Abdul Khaliq Zafar who is the Founder and CEO of Graceland Housing Society and developed by Infratech Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

They have surely set their eyes on becoming the most in-demand society near New Islamabad International Airport and their progress promises that this dream will come true.

A classy housing society which is an ideal investment opportunity for native and overseas Pakistanis providing a magnificent lifestyle with standard infrastructure and easy access to all needed facilities.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

While choosing a housing society for investing purposes, building your own house, or buying commercial plots for your future business; you should always inquire about the proper authenticity of the project. Otherwise, you can become the victim of fraud.

Graceland Housing Society has fulfilled all the legalities and has No Objection Certificate (NOC’s) from TMA Fateh Jang and approval from all government departments. They started their hustle in 2008 and by June 2014, it was all approved.

Whenever you look forward to investing in a new Housing Society always check on these few things

  • Property is fully owned by owners
  • Property must be named after a Private Limited Company (Pvt ltd.)
  • Must have all the NOCs approved by government departments.

And fortunately, Graceland Housing Society fulfills all the above requirements.

  • Property is fully owned by Mian Abdul Khaliq Zafar
  • Property is named after Concrete Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • The Project has all NOCs approved

The Location that makes Graceland Housing Society a Great Investment Opportunity

This astonishing housing society is located on main Fateh Jang Road a few minutes drive from New Islamabad International airport.

Whenever a housing society’s location is discussed, it is always talked about with reference to already important destinations around and Graceland Housing Society has all the major and attractive destinations Motorway, CPEC route, New Islamabad Airport, Metro Route, Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, Centaurus Mall, and the Blue Area in a 30-minute drive radar.

Graceland housing society Entrance Gate

Graceland Housing Society’s position assures an environmentally healthy, safe, and secure life. The project’s location and efficient development progress has attracted native and overseas investors.

Graceland Housing Society Islamabad Master Plan:

The main entrance of the Graceland Housing Society Islamabad is a stunning constructed gate linked to the 100ft wide main boulevard that leads to the eye-catching 16 Kanal circular park.

The Park is bounded with a four-side special commercial zone having at least 80ft wide road from each side. An 8 Kanal mosque is planned in the same area adjacent to the park and Society developers have mentioned constructing overall 5 mosques to provide easy reach.

The minimum road width of the project is 40ft, which ensures the project’s disciplined plan for the future of the housing society.

The developers have schemed 55% of land usage at max while having all state-of-the-art facilities including Hospital, Schools, Parks, Mosques, infrastructure planning, Underground Electricity distribution, 24/7 water supply, established security system, proper sewerage, and drainage system.

Graceland housing Society Sector A

The Graceland Housing Society is divided into 5 sectors A to E. Where the C sector also called as Valley block would have its own gate linked to Main Fateh Jang Road, its access to main road makes it a hotspot for investment, and with a kind of development speed and hype around the project, we predict the hike in prices soon.

Graceland Housing Society Islamabad’s Map

Graceland housing society Location Map

Plots for Sale Residential and Commercial

Graceland Housing Society Islamabad has a wide range of residential and commercial plots available for sale on a normal budget. The society has 5 sectors A to E mentioned below.

A & B sectors are on the left and right sides of the main entrance. The plots for sale are as under:

  • 138sq yards.
  • 200sq yards.
  • 233sq yards.
  • 250sq yards.
  • 500sq yards.
  • 600sq yards.
  • 978sq yards.

Well, these sectors are now almost sold out. If you wish to buy a plot close to the main gate, then hurry and book your spot before it gets late.

E sector is adjacent to the commercial zone and has a 24 Kanal 100-bed state-of-the-art hospital. You have the following plot size options in the E sector of Graceland Housing Society.

  • 138sq yards.
  • 200sq yards.
  • 233sq yards.
  • 250sq yards.
  • 500sq yards.
  • 1000sq yards.

The Valley block is now the most desired sector of the project because of its own access to the main road. In this sector Graceland Housing Society provides two options, the choice is yours.

  • 3.5 Marla (20 by 40)
  • 5 Marla (25 by 50)

In the commercial zone, Graceland Housing Society Islamabad offers 5 plot size choices.

  • 375 sq. Ft.
  • 625 sq. Ft.
  • 750 sq. Ft.
  • 900 sq. Ft.
  • 1000 sq. Ft.

Graceland Housing Society Payment Plan

Graceland Housing Society Payment Plan

Pros and Cons

After giving great concentration to the project, their ongoing development, and progress; it looks like a fair opportunity for investment. It has very reasonable prices and therefore a great chance for all those people who desire to have their own home or business in Islamabad.

Graceland housing society Smart Metering


Talking statically, it has easy access to all important destinations around. The scheme looks set for an amazing Housing Society in the future having underground electricity distribution, project’s own state-of-the-art hospital, school, parks, mosques, shopping mall, community center, high alert security, gated community, footpaths along wide roads, and a proper maintenance mechanism to run the system.

Graceland housing Society Playground

The only argument I put against the Graceland Housing Society Islamabad is the closeness of the railway track to the E and D sectors, which would certainly disturb the life of people living in those sectors. I would recommend buying the plot in the B sector and Valley block where A block comes after them.


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