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Baldia Town Karachi

Baldia Town Karachi is one of the oldest and most popular housing societies in Karachi. Baldia Town is a huge development as it is linked with eight Union Councils. The government has made many development projects within Baldia Town.


Baldia Town Karachi was initiated in 2001 as part of the Local Government Ordinance, 2001.In 2011, the town system broke and in 2015, Baldia Town became the part of Karachi West.

In 2020, Kemari District of Karachi was removed from the Karachi West District. In this way, Baldia Town became the part of Kemari District.


The Government has done vast number of projects in Baldia Town since 2010. These projects are mainly related to fixing problems in the town, like sanitation, sewage leakage, road construction etc.

This ultimately has resulted into the high demand and worth of the properties over the time of recent few years. The Union Councils linked with Baldia Town Karachi include Ittehad Town, Nai Abadi, Gulshan-e-Ghazi, Islam Nagar, Muhajir Camp, Rasheedabad, Muslim Mujahid Colony, and Saeedabad.

8 Union Councils of Baldia Town

Baldia Town Karachi linked Union Councils




Baldia Town Karachi Loction Map

Baldia Town is located in Kemari District. Baldia Town Karachi location is very convenient as it is a few minutes away from various important areas. For instance, Ittehad Town is 19 minutes’ drive away from Baldia town.

Similarly, Gulshan-e-Ghazi, Karachi Northern Bypass and Hub Chowk Road, Gulshan-e-Habib are 15 – 20 minutes’ drive away from Baldia Town.It would take 20 – 40 minutes’ drive from Baldia Town to reach Orangi town, SITE (Sindh Industrial Trading Estate) and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University.

SITE is at the east, Orangi Town at the west, Kemari Town is located at the north and Hawke’s Bay Scheme 42 is located on the south of Baldia Town Karachi.


SBCA (Sindh Building Control Authority) is a governing and supervising institute which is responsible for the approval of plans for the buildings and NOCs (No Objection Certificates) in Sindh.

NOC is an authorized document that contains the details about legality of the processes like building, construction etc. SBCA has approved more NOC’s for Baldia Town Karachi projects and only a small percentage of it is pending.

Master Plan

Baldia Town developers intend to satisfy their customers, hence they have planned the Baldia Town Karachi in a way that would provide a wholesome experience for the people who are interested in buying properties in Baldia Town.

Baldia Town Karachi housing society is divided into different sectors and blocks. Moreover, the streets and roads are wider to avoid the possibility of traffic jam or accidents. The developers also plan to build more parks, gyms, playgrounds and stadiums for recreational activities.

Baldia Town karachi Master Plan


The total area of Baldia Town is 27.94 sq. km. According to the 2005 census, the population of Baldia Town is 616,721. Many people opt for the town to build their houses as Baldia Town proposes to provide a comfortable and secure environment to its residents.

It offers houses of various sizes in very reasonable prices. The number of the residents of the town is increasing day by day.

Baldia Town has provided its residents with various basic facilities. For instance, water supply, electricity, gas, markets, pharmacies, playgrounds, stadiums, banks, schools, colleges, universities and roads.

Collectively, the road length of Baldia Town is 510.17 km. The roads in the town enable the residents to smoothly travel to and from the town.


Baldia Town offers plots in various sizes. Several houses are up for sale and the sizes of these houses include 80 sq. yd., 88 sq. yd., 90 sq. yd., 120 sq. yd., 200 sq. yd., and 240 sq. yd.Various residential plots as well as commercial plots are up for sale.

These plots are in demand as investors and people interested in getting their own places, like to associate their names with the town.The price of the houses ranges from PKR 24 lac to PKR 1.5 crore.

Apartments are also available for the people to buy. The prices of the apartment ranges from PKR 13 lac to PKR 68 lac. If you are interested in buying plots in Baldia Town, you would be able to find many of them. The minimum price of a plot is PKR 14 lac and the maximum price of a plot is PKR 2.2 crore.

The option of renting a house or a plot is also available in Baldia Town.The minimum rent for the houses is PKR 6 thousand, monthly, whereas, the maximum price can be PKR 53 thousand, monthly. The minimum amount for renting a plot is PKR 15 thousand monthly and maximum amount is PKR 5 lac.

There are many commercial properties up for sale in Baldia Town Karachi as well. The prices of the shops ranges from PKR 16 lac to PKR 80 lac. Some of the buildings are also available for sale. The amount of these buildings begins from PKR 2.5 crore and goes up to PKR 4 crore.

Payment Plan of Baldia Town Karachi

Payment Plan of Baldia Town Karachi


Baldia Town Karachi offers reasonably priced properties for the investors and people interested in having affordable places for themselves.

People are interested in buying properties in Baldia Town given that it is one of the oldest and popular housing societies.

There are a lot of facilities available at Baldia Town; various schools, bus stops, banks, pharmacies, auto shops and markets are located nearby.

Transport Service

Most of the bus stops are within reach. Some of these bus stops include Mufti Mahmood Chowk Bus Stop, Afridi Chowk Bus Stop, National Chowk Bus Stop and Jhangvi Chowk Bus Stop. Khyber Chowk Bus Stop, Eid Gah More Bus Stop, Pakora Chowk Bus are also located at close distance.

Various buses covering various routes within Baldia Town are Bus Number 11, Bus Number 24, Bus Number W-10, and Bus Number 56.

Different coach services are also available within Baldia Town. Al-Rehman Coach moves from Baldia Town to Mansehra, while Gul Coach intersects Baldia Town when it travels from New Sabzi Mandi to Naval Colony.

In the same way, Star Line Coach travels from Tower, Agra Taj Colony and Shershah to Baldia Town and eventually finishes its course at Naval colony.

Similarly, Intercity Bus Terminal, which is located in Yusuf Goth Yusuf , can be reached within almost a 15 minutes’ drive from Baldia Town Karachi.

Moreover, the inhabitants of Baldia Town can also take travel assistance from the conventional ways i.e. rickshaws, cabs and online app-based ride-calling amenities to travel to and away from the town. Lastly, City Railway Station, which is in the vicinity of I.I. Chundrigar, will take almost 40 minutes’ drive toreach.

Markets and Grocery Stores

A number of markets are also located within the Baldia Town where the residents can purchase the necessities for their daily use at sensible rates. The nearest grocery store is Awan General Store and it sells practically every general and grocery items.

Dubai Superstore which is built in Sector 17 of Baldia Town, is 6 minutes’ drive away. This store also sells groceries and other everyday use products. A utility store and various kiryana stores also situated in the vicinity of Baldia Town.

A large number of general stores are located at different places to facilitate the inhabitants of Baldia Town. Some of these general stores are:

  • Haji Kohat Wholesale & General Store; it is located in Ittehad Town and it is 3 minutes’ drive away
  • Shaheed Ullah General Store,located in Orangi Town, is only 6 minutes’ drive away
  • Khattak General Store, built on Orangi Road, is almost 1 km away
  • Bismillah General Store, situated in Saeedullah Goth, Keamari, is nearly 2 km away
  • Raees Khan Afridi General Store, sited in Muhammad Khan Colony, can be reached in 10 minutes’ drive

Al-Khalil Market and M. Yousaf Market are also good spots for buying everyday household items. Itwaar Bazar is also located within the Baldia Town.


Luckily, a significant amount of pharmacies are also accessible to the inhabitants of Baldia Town. Some of the important pharmacies in the town are New Fazal Medical and General Store, Hanif Medical Store, Ahsan Medical and General Store, Al-Ghani Medical Store and Khan Medical Store.

Book Shops and Stationary Shops

For the admirers of the books, there are a huge amount of book stores available within Baldia Town. Some of the important book stores are Royal Book Shop, Rashid Book Bank, Tariq Book Shop, Pak Book Depot, Umar Book Shop, Decent Photostat and Book Stalls and Global Book Shop and Photocopy.

Other than books, every sort of school related accessories like stationary and schoolbags are also provided at these shops.

Auto Shops

If you need any kind of assistance with your vehicle, Baldia Town Karachi is the place for you. A significant number of auto shops are also located in Baldia Town. The auto shops which are in the vicinity are Abdullah Autos, Altaf Autos, Baharia Autos, New Noor Autos, Seek Motors, Suzuki Autos and Chaudhary Autos and Battery Service.

If you want to avail the rent-a-car service, you can contact Hamza Cars, sited in Qaddafi Colony. It is on a 12 minutes’ drive. From Baldia Town, the very nearer car dealer is Toyota which is situated in Shershah Volony and it is 26 minutes’ drive away.

Mobile and Computer Shops

Various mobile and computer shops are located within the town.Some of the mobile shops which are regularly visited by the customers are Bhatti Mobile, Khyber Mobile Shop, FA Mobile Zone, Sahil Mobile Communication and Zam Zam Communication.

People buy new mobile phones, sims and other mobile accessories from these shops. The important computer shops within town are Ehsan Computers, Gardezi Computers and Shabbir Computers.

Other Amenities

The residents of Baldia Town has easy access to many mosques. Similarly, there are a number of temples and churches situated within the town. The schools, colleges and universities are also built at a very close distance within Baldia Town.

The town also facilitates the residents with a number of banks. Most importantly, a significant number of health clinics and hospitals are within reachable distance.

Why invest in Baldia Town Karachi?

Since the beginning of the various projects, many changes have been made in Baldia Town. Therefore, if you invest in the commercial properties of Baldia Town, you would be able to make huge profits out of it. Moreover, the prices of the properties in Baldia Town Karachi are very affordable.

Similarly, the town is interlinked with other important societies and the transport network of Baldia Town is also very exceptional. In short, everything that a person usually requires in a daily life can easily be accessed in Baldia Town Karachi.

Pro Tips

If youcould get the property in Baldia Town Karachi as early as possible, it would help you in many ways. Overall,the price of the property is increasing every day and if you buy a plot or a house in Baldia Town, it would be your investment.

It would be like your money in the form of a plot or a house. Moreover, Baldia Town would connect you to various important places nearby. You would be able to travel within and outside the town due to the very convenient transport system of Baldia Town.


Baldia Town Karachi is one of the very old and known housing societies in Karachi. It is surrounded by other important societies and one can reach these societies on the transport provided within the Baldia Town.

The town provides its residents with all the basic amenities including water, gas, electricity, schools, pharmacies, markets, roads etc.A lot of people are looking for the properties within Baldia Town due to its popularity.

FAQ’s about Baldia Town Karachi

What is Baldia Town Karachi?

Baldia Town Karachi is a housing society within Karachi.

Where is Baldia Town Karachi located?

Baldia Town is located in Kemari District.

Is Baldia Town Karachi legal?

Baldia Town Karachi is a very much legal project with NOC from SBCA.

What type of plots are available in Baldia Town Karachi?

Baldia Town Karachi offers residential as well as commercial plots.

What size of plots are available in Baldia Town Karachi?

Baldia Town Karachi offers residential plots of 80 sq. yd., 88 sq. yd., 90 sq. yd., 120 sq. yd., 200 sq. yd., and 240 sq. yd.

What is the life style of the people living in Baldia Town?

The residents of Baldia Town enjoy a quality life here. They can access various spots for relaxation purposes. They have access to gyms, parlors, saloons, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes.


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