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Avalon City Islamabad is a brand-new, cutting-edge housing development in Islamabad. It is perfectly situated on Main Chakri Road, the most prominent place in the city. The launch of this cutting-edge project is finally approaching.

For its middle-class investors who want to own a property in a desirable location but cannot afford to spend big sums of money all at once, Avalon provides a very cheap package.

However, this page will include all the most recent information regarding Avalon Islamabad. Avalon City is being promoted by Etimaad International as one of the primary initiatives.

Additionally, because many investors prefer to participate in projects with a solid history, this project is designated as a “Low Budget Investment Option.”

As a result, Avalon City Islamabad is a project with reputable developers with a solid track record, a prime location, top-notch amenities, and a simple payment schedule.

Owners & Developers of Avalon City Islamabad:

ZKB Developers is credited with creating The Avalon City Islamabad. However, the Avalon developers have already built a number of well-known and successful properties in several Pakistani cities.

Additionally, the administration claims that Avalon City’s developers want to offer their residents a first-rate housing society at a reasonable cost.

Avalon City NOC:

Authorities are currently reviewing and will shortly accept Avalon City Islamabad’s NOC (No Objection Certificate).

Nevertheless, the legal authorities have already presented all required paperwork and asked the appropriate authority for approval.

Location of Avalon City Islamabad:

Location of Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon’s actual construction site will be on Chakri Road, which will benefit from being near Islamabad’s commercial district.

As a result, Avalon City Islamabad would be the closest to the Chakri Motorway Interchange and easily accessible. The Rawalpindi Ring Road will also make the city much simpler in the future.

Master Plan of Avalon City Islamabad:

Master Plan of Avalon City Islamabad

An upcoming and carefully thought-out housing development, Avalon Islamabad makes advantage of the most recent technological advancements. However, the society’s citizens will benefit from these modern technologies.

Avalon City Islamabad will also include automated traffic control, street lighting, power supply, object and facial recognition technologies, virtual hubs, and many other technical features.

Residential plots in Avalon City come in a variety of sizes, including 5, 10, and 1 Kanal, while the sizes of commercial plots are still to be determined. As soon as we can, we’ll update the data on the size of commercial plots.

Payment Plan of Avalon City Islamabad:

Payment Plan of Avalon City Islamabad

Plots can be reserved in a variety of sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, with a simple and reasonable payment schedule.

You can learn more about the full payment plan and installment plan by reading the detailed Avalon payment plan that we’ve provided below.

Facilities & Amenities of Avalon City Islamabad:

Facilities & Amenities of Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon, Pakistan’s first technological city, offers its residents a variety of cutting-edge technological solutions to handle daily issues as well as cutting-edge entertainment options like 3D theatres, virtual theatres, Wi-Fi trees, electric bikes, and more.

Water, Gas & Electricity:

Water, gas, and power connections are infrequently provided in Avalon City Islamabad because of its location, which is somewhat isolated and long-term neglect.

Although it was a difficult assignment, the personnel worked nonstop to assist the investors and to give them with essentials of life, such as gas, electricity, and gas that is available around the clock so that the society’s residents can live stress-free.

Commercial Hubs, Schools, and Colleges:

With the CPEC route close by, the society will undoubtedly grow to become one of the greatest commercial hubs in the area.

This extraordinary society’s master plan has been created to include cutting-edge, contemporary commercial avenues and top-notch educational facilities in all areas of the society for public accessibility.

Gated Community:

Avalon City Islamabad is a gated community and will be a private neighborhood that is well guarded. People who are not approved will not be allowed in society.

The society will be surrounded by a solid boundary wall to increase security.

To prevent unauthorized visitors and accidents in the society, further features like face recognition and key cards will be included.


A specially trained security force will monitor and guarantee the protection of its residents around-the-clock in Avalon City Islamabad, which takes the security of both its citizens and tourists extremely seriously.

In order to provide a secure environment in the housing society so you may enjoy a luxurious stress environment, CCTV cameras will be put throughout the society.

Carpeted Roads:

The society has already started constructing its infrastructure, and the first step is to create a vast network of carpeted roads that connect all of the society’s regions.

These roadways will include concrete walkways and pathways for walkers and bicycles, and they will be 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet wide, respectively.

Power plant:

The officials have suggested the concept of constructing an electric power plant in society in order to make it a load-shedding-free zone.

The availability of electricity in the society will guarantee a more effective and productive community with society’s very own power plant.

Subterranean Power:

Although the idea of underground electricity is not new and is being used in all of the newest house developments, it has developed into a necessary improvement for the community’s safety.

This action will improve the society’s beauty and elegance while also making it much safer and lowering the likelihood of any accidents.

Why to invest in Avalon City:

In the future, The Avalon Islamabad will represent your ideal way of life. Additionally, Avalon City is a fully automated city that offers clever answers to your day-to-day issues.

You cannot live the modern lifestyle as in other worlds where you can enjoy the modern level of living with cutting-edge technology if you are a resident of Pakistan’s urban districts.

Additionally, Avalon City will fulfill your ambitions because it is redefining Pakistan’s real estate market with its creative plan to update your way of life with contemporary court technology.

Avalon will also provide you with all of the smart living amenities you could possibly want, like automated roadways, upgraded theatres, Wi-Fi trees, electric bikes, and much more.


Avalon City Islamabad is a successful and highly anticipated project. The residents of the community will live in the greatest and most cheap lifestyle possible thanks to it.

Additionally, it would transform the housing market in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and provide investors with a healthy return.

Etimaad International advises investing in this lucrative yet cost-effective housing project because it provides a simple payment schedule for everyone.


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