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Al Kabir Orchard Lahore


Al Kabir Orchard Lahore stands out as the largest housing development in Lahore’s Kala Shah Kaku neighbourhood. The developers are dedicated to preserving the legacy of earlier housing projects, and its proximity to Lahore makes it an ideal location. The facilities provided aim to help investors achieve a high standard of living. Prospective residents are promised attractive and cost-effective living spaces, making them valuable assets. Comprehensive project information is available to offer investors insight into the benefits and privileges of residing in this development.

Owners & Developers of Al Kabir Orchard

Al Kabir Town Pvt Ltd is the driving force behind this impressive residential project. The developers are diligently working to make it a dream investment for all stakeholders. Their team has a proven track record with projects like Al Kabir Town Lahore, Kings Town Lahore, and Maryam Town Lahore, serving as benchmarks for other developers. The demonstrated effort underscores their commitment to providing an ideal investment alternative. Trust, a crucial element for residential investors, is a cornerstone of this project.

NOC of Al Kabir Orchard

The housing project has received approval from the Tehsil Municipal Authority, and efforts are underway to secure approval from higher authorities. The trust factor sought by investors in any real estate venture is present, facilitating informed, long-term decisions. Legal compliance and the strategic location contribute significantly to the project’s value, ensuring a worthwhile long-term investment for all stakeholders.

Location of Al Kabir Orchard

Situated on Main GT Road, directly opposite SA Garden Lahore, and accessible via the M2 Motorway, the housing society is well-connected. Essential amenities such as schools, colleges, and hospitals are within reach, aligning with the diverse lifestyle objectives of investors. Its proximity to Allama Iqbal International Airport, Shahdra, Muridke, and Lahore Ring Road enhances its appeal, making it an attractive real estate investment.

Master Plan of Al Kabir Orchard

The development boasts enticing features and facilities designed to captivate investors. The comprehensive master plan aims to assist residents in achieving their desired lifestyle, offering world-class amenities across multiple blocks, including Block A, B, C, D, and Shalimar Block.

Payment Plan of Al Kabir Orchard

One of the most appealing aspects is the affordability. The developer’s strategy of setting competitive home prices and providing installment plans enhances accessibility for investors. The transparent breakdown of costs in the table below ensures a clear understanding of the investment charges.

Residential Plot in Al Kabir Orchard

Catering to the aspirations of investors to build their dream property, the developers offer excellent features and amenities. The objective is to provide a profitable atmosphere with high living standards at reasonable prices. Land sizes include 5 Marla and 3 Marla options.

Commercial Plot in Al Kabir Orchard

For business owners, the focus is on creating an environment conducive to business growth. Professional facilities and a conducive environment in 4 Marla and 2 Marla commercial plots aim to attract and facilitate investors.

Development Work in Al Kabir Orchard

Ongoing development work includes the commencement of construction, water filtration facilities, 24/7 energy availability, school construction, and the installation of CCTV cameras for enhanced security. Broad highways are being constructed, ensuring increased accessibility for investors.

Why Should You Invest in Al Kabir Orchard?

Investing in this housing project is a reliable and effective decision, given the developers’ reputation for providing world-class facilities at competitive costs. Access to top-notch amenities and a sustainable living environment makes it an appealing choice. The strategic location and affordable prices further contribute to its attractiveness, ensuring a high standard of living for residents.


Al Kabir Orchard aims to offer outstanding facilities, striving to provide the best living spaces at reasonable prices. The developers promise access to lucrative amenities, and the property’s proximity to Allama Iqbal Airport makes it an attractive investment for foreign investors. The project’s approval adds to its credibility, making it a responsible and dependable real estate investment. The flexible rates and payment periods empower investors to participate at their own pace, ensuring a memorable investment journey.

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