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Al Haram City Rawalpindi

Al-Haram City Rawalpindi


Al Haram City Rawalpindi is a inexpensive housing complex located near the Thalian intersection on Chakri Road. This housing society is adjacent to Islamabad, the region’s primary business and employment centre.

This housing society has been designed to give an environmentally friendly atmosphere as well as modern living conveniences.


This opulent housing society first opened its doors in 2004. This housing project is organized into two blocks, each with its own set of amenities. In 2005, the society’s second phase was inaugurated.

The most important aspect of this housing project is that it provides international amenities at an affordable cost.


Al Haram city builders and developers are the developers of this smart housing project. They’ve honed their skills in the construction and development industries.

They executed the Al Haram city project quickly and efficiently. The developers of this project offer to give investors with welcoming commercial and residential amenities.

Al Haram City Location:

Al Haram City Rawalpindi Location

This home project’s best feature is its excellent location. This housing complex is just a few kilometers from Kalma Chok Rawalpindi on the main Chakri route.

Defense housing authority (DHA) and Capital smart city are two nearby housing societies. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is only one kilometer away from this housing project (CPEC)

Assess point to Al Haram City:

The new Islamabad international airport provides a good view of this housing society. The airport is about a fifteen-minute drive away.

The second phase of the society is near to DHA, and the other side is connected to Rawat Housing Society. This society has the potential to be a fantastic long-term investment.

Al-Haram City Rawalpindi Access points

NOC of Al Haram City:

The approval of the NOC was a challenge for this housing society. However, according to information provided by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, Al Haram city is a lawful housing community.

This housing society’s NOC has been accepted by the authorities. The housing society has been granted permission under N.O.C#796 TMA Rawalpindi.

Al Haram City Rawalpindi Approved

Al Haram City Map:

The location of the society can be simply deduced from the society’s map. The Combined Military Hospital, Army Public School, and Convent Public School Rawalpindi are all within walking distance of this housing group.

Al Haram City Rawalpindi Map

Master Plan of Al-Haram City:

This magnificent house project is split into two halves. The society’s management is offering residential and business plots of various sizes.

The society’s first phase is organized into five blocks. The residential blocks of the society are Al Falah block, Al Huda block, Tuba block, Aqsa block, and Nimra block.

Master Plan of Al-Haram City

The society’s administration offers three-marla, five-marla, ten-marla, and one-kanal residential plots. The society’s developers are offering commercial plots in the sizes of 6.3 Marla and 7.7 Marla.

This housing development is providing inhabitants and investors with high-quality jobs. The society’s owners are focused on rapid development, which is the sole reason investors are willing to invest.

Latest Development of Al-Haram City:

Al-Haram City Rawalpindi Latest Development

The tenants of this housing society have access to modern amenities. This project is ideal for both investment and residential purposes. According to recent reports, phase one of the information society’s development has been finished.

The society’s second phase is still being built. In phase one, a substantial number of residents are living a high-quality existence.

Many plots are still on the market for resale. Schools, mosques, and parks have been constructed, and inhabitants are enjoying their morning and afternoon strolls around the society’s beautiful grounds.

Residents and investors can also take advantage of the society’s excellent commercial amenities. The first phase’s commercial development work has been completed. Residents are taking advantage of the high-profile business activity. Investors are reaping the benefits as well.

This property is regarded as a jewel for long-term investment. Many of the clients have made a profit by investing in the society’s commercial block. The proprietors want to provide business services that are up to international standards.

Project Detail of Residential Area Al-Haram City:

The exceptional home project is equipped with all of the necessary basic and modern amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Plot Size Price Booking Installments On Transfer
3 Marla 11,10,000 2,90,000 36 Monthly Installment


5 Marla 18,50,000 2,50,000 42 Monthly Installment


7 Marla 25,90,000 3,30,000 42 Monthly Installment


10 Marla 37,00,000 4,50,000 42 Monthly Installment


1 Kanal 74,00,000 8,50,000 42 Monthly Installment



Commercial Area Al Haram City:

Commercial buildings are an essential component of any housing community. Residents of this great housing project have access to sophisticate and fantastic commercial services.

Investors have made money in the commercial sector of the society as well. In the commercial area, the administration is selling several plot sizes. The society has plots available in the sizes of 6.3 Marla and 7.7 Marla.

Plot Size Price Booking Installments On Transfer
6.3 Marla 78,75,000 16,00,000 42 Monthly Installment


7.7 Marla 96,25,000 19,00,000 42 Monthly Installment



Terms & conditions:

  • For the corner plot, a 10% surcharge will be applied.
  • The site on Main Boulevard will be subject to a 10% surcharge.
  • Extra costs of 15% will be imposed to the corner plot.
  • On full disbursement, a 10% discount will be offered. A 5% discount will be applied to the first half of the payment.

How to book your plot in Al Haram City:

Phase one of the societies has been completed and phase two is now being built. As a result, you may easily reserve your site in phase two. Plots are available for resale in the society’s first phase.

• A copy of the investor’s identification card

• A photograph that is the size of a passport.

• A down payment of cash, a pay order, or a cross cheque.

The city of Al Haram has the following features:

  • Sewerage System of the Future
  • Streets made of cement
  • Lights on the street
  • Running paths
  • Association for the Community
  • A large road network
  • CCTV Motion sensors, security, and guards
Pros Cons
Prime location Infrastructure is not as lavish as compare to the other housing societies
All basic amenities
Affordable payment plan
Family friendly atmosphere
Gated community
Few minutes’ drive from Islamabad
Health care

FAQs of Al Haram City:

Q. What is Al Haram City?

Al Haram City is a posh and well-to-do housing development in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Q. What is the location of this housing society?

This housing project is located on the main Chakri Road, just a few kilometres from Kalma Chok Rawalpindi.

Q. Who owns this housing project?

Al Haram city builders and developers are the proprietors and developers of this elegant housing project.’

Q. Is the city of Al Haram legal?

Rawalpindi Development Authority has given its approval to this housing project.

Q. What plot sizes are available?

In the residential sector, plots of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available, while plots of 6.3 and 7.7 Marla are available in the commercial area.


Al Haram City Rawalpindi is a magnificent housing society that offers its people a high-quality lifestyle. This housing society is a low-cost project that will assist middle-class families in constructing their own homes near Islamabad. It is a fantastic opportunity for not only the investors to profit, but also for the residents to live a normal life.

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