Prism Town Gujar Khan


The Prism Estate & Builders-built housing society Prism Town Gujar Khan is said to have received TMA approval. It is situated on GT Road in Gujar Khan.

Prism Town was successfully inaugurated on July 22, 2022, and construction has been going on since that month. For investors, the society has residential and commercial properties available.

A well-planned home community with the goal of offering an opulent living at a reasonable price is Prism Town in Gujar Khan. A variety of investment opportunities are available through the project in the form of residential plots measuring 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal.

To make the society one of the top housing societies in Pakistan, the proprietors incorporated all the opulent amenities into its master design.

What are you still holding out for? To own your own house in Prism Town Gujar Khan, call us right away.

Owners & Developers of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism Estate & Builders created Prism Town Gujar Khan. By including a variety of properties, including residential, commercial, shopping malls, cutting-edge hospitals, educational facilities, mosques, gas stations, swimming pools, gyms, spas, and restaurants, the developers have turned the housing project into a successful one.

For more than 17 years, Prism Town has produced a variety of real estate developments, primarily in Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad.

The goal when Prism Builders was created was to offer every type of real estate service. The initiative’s inspiration and CEO of Prism Estate Builders is Massod ul Hassan Alvi.

The business has made a major development in Pakistan’s real estate market. The Prism developers have promised to complete the projects in accordance with the most stringent infrastructure development standards.

NOC of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Gujar Khan is said to have given its approval to Prism Town Gujar Khan’s No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Additionally, Prism Town’s properties are said to be legitimate. Investors also have faith in projects having legitimate legal standing.

Because of this, the Prism Town developers work hard to meet every prerequisite that turns the community into a legitimate housing society.

Location of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Location of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism Town Gujar Khan (PTGK) is conveniently located on GT Road in Gujar Khan. There are only a few minutes between Prism Town and Gujar Khan city.

It is the best investment opportunity in Gujar Khan due to its close proximity to numerous monuments. The distance between Gujar Khan and Rawalpindi can also be covered quickly.

Master Plan of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism Town Gujar Khan

The best housing society in Gujar Khan is what Prism Town Gujar Khan is designed and planned to be, according to its master plan.

To deliver it to the prestigious owners at the scheduled time, a highly qualified team of professionals is at work day and night.

Accessibility of Prism Town Gujar Khan

It includes all essential and opulent luxuries created to meet international standards. The organization offers both the business and residential plot classifications.

Gujar Khan’s Prism Town Residential Plots

A variety of residential plots in various sizes are available for purchase at Prism Town Gujar Khan, including the following:

  • 5 Marla (25 X 45)
  • 10 Marla (35 X 70)
  • 1 Kanal (50 X 90)

Prism Town Gujar Khan Commercial Plots

Prism Town Gujar Khan is selling a variety of commercial plots in various projected sizes.

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla

The Prism Town sales and services center’s reservation staff is kind and helpful. Additionally, they guarantee to offer the top services for reserving your ideal plots.

Additionally, you could sip coffee while discussing potential investments in Prism Town. Masood ul Hassan, the CEO, works day and night to help the investors.

Payment Plan of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Payment Plan of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism Town Gujar Khan has a flexible payment schedule and an economical payment plan. You can reserve one of the available plots in Prism Town Gujar Khan by getting in touch with the official management.

Facilities & Amenities of Prism Town Gujar Khan

At reasonable prices, Prism Town Gujar Khan offers contemporary conveniences and features. Any opulent modern multipurpose project, which might be referred to as a whole real estate project, includes the facilities.

Facilities & Amenities of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The following amenities are included in the Prism Town housing development:


The project will offer a modern, close-to-nature living that is also environmentally sustainable. The intimate proximity to nature will offer a singular experience that is unmatched in Pakistan.

Water Resources

The project has taken into consideration the water requirements of the locals. To do this, enormous amounts of water will be stored in water reservoirs that the residents can utilize for daily tasks.

Business and Commercial Hub

All economic and commercial requirements have been met by the developers. The project will offer a comprehensive business space as a result.

The inhabitants can satisfy all of the project’s business needs from these locations.

Why Make an Investment in Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Numerous benefits exist for investing in Prism Town Gujar Khan. Prism Town is the ideal investment opportunity in Gujar Khan for anyone wishing to invest in a worthwhile project. The following are a few of the key justifications for investing in Prism Town:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Elite area
  • Oversized properties
  • Opulent features
  • Reputable developers
  • Creation of world-class infrastructure


Prism Town Gujar Khan’s frequently asked questions are as follows:

Q1: What sets Prism Town Gujar Khan apart from other initiatives, and why?

Ans. Prism Town Gujar Khan is a multipurpose project created to provide inhabitants with a distinctive living experience at a reasonable price.

Its creation has received the full attention of a group of engineers, architects, and other staff members with years of experience.

Q2: Is Prism Town Gujar Khan a project with NOC approval?

Ans. According to TMA, Prism Town Gujar Khan’s NOC has been accepted.

Q3: Is Prism Town Gujar Khan a budget-friendly real estate venture?

Ans. Because of the simple Prism Town Gujar Khan instalment plans, there is no question. The management has been instrumental in striking a balance between affordability and luxury.

Q4: Is there a chance that investing in Prism Town Gujar Khan will generate a high return?

Ans. Yes, as the payment schedule for Prism Town Gujar Khan is reasonable for families and small investors, enhancing the likelihood of high-yield investment returns.

Q5: Where is Prism Town Gujar Khan located?

Ans. GT Road is next to Prism Town Gujar Khan.

Q6: Who are the Prism Town Gujar Khan developers?

Ans. The Prism Estate & Builders Company created Prism Town Gujar Khan.


A world-class lavish lifestyle for the residents is the only goal of the opulent residential development Prism Town Gujar Khan.

The key characteristics of this property are its luxurious amenities, reasonable price, and excellent location. This is the only option that would provide the most return on investment if you were looking for the best farmhouse in Pakistan.