Gulmohar City Karachi


The goal of Riverlink Builders & Developers’ Gulmohar gardens project is to alter Karachi’s substandard housing market with a residence that is both reasonably priced and opulent.

The property offers 120 square yard plots and is situated in Malir, Karachi.

A residential development in Karachi called Gulmohar City Karachi offers its residents a tranquil environment, an opulent way of life, and a lush setting with top-notch amenities.

It is built on the concept of a green city with incredible natural buildings.

Owners & Developers of Gulmohar City Karachi:

The project is being led by Riverlink Builders & Developers, a reputable building company in Karachi. The planning and timely completion of the project are the developer’s top priorities.

The upcoming project Gulmohar City Karachi by Riverlink Builders and Developers. This opulent project’s entry is referred to as the model of an eco-friendly neighborhood that personifies the idea of a green metropolis with the most stunning natural buildings.

The ideal entryway to a low-cost lifestyle with every imaginable feature found in a top-notch development is Gulmohar City Karachi.

The City of Lights Karachi -based Riverlink Builders & Developers have impressed Pakistani citizens both at home and abroad.

Constructing the most desirable lifestyle to provide you the life of your dreams, as well as becoming the top choice option in the building sector when it comes to dependability and trust.

River Link Builders & Developers is a well-known name in project development in Karachi. The firm has always addressed projects with an inventive and forward-thinking attitude.

Additionally, they remain firm in their goal of offering their clientele the best building and business opportunities at the most competitive pricing.

They have established a reputation as a business that consistently invests in developing cutting-edge real estate projects and values progress and growth.

Location & Accessibility of Gulmohar City Karachi:

Gulmohar City Karachi Location Map

It is near DHA City and is on Karachi’s main thoroughfare, M-9. With numerous routes going to it, it is conveniently situated in the center of the city.

With the Malir Expressway currently under construction, it will take you only 20 to 25 minutes to go from Karachi to the M9-Motorway and arrive in Gulmohar City.

The Karachi-Hyderabad M9-Motorway, which has an edge over the tarnished cityscape with exhausted urban resources, is the beating core of upcoming large housing complexes like Gulmohar City.

The property is strategically situated off the main M9 Super Highway and sandwiched between the Malir Cantonment area, Bahria Town Karachi, and the Airport.

This suggests that it is also simple to get to from any of these places. The most effective routes to get to Gulmohar Gardens are two main routes.

One can travel from Airport Road to Malir Check Post 2, Army Dairy Farm, and subsequently KN Academy. After that, turn left at the first intersection to reach Solangi Stop and Water World Park, which are close to Gulmohar Gardens.

Commander City is 2 kilometers away, and Al Qaim Housing City is 2 kilometers away.

NOC of Gulmohar City Karachi:

The project has received approval from Sindh Building and Control Authority and Sehwan Development Authority (SDA) (SBCA).

We have gathered all the necessary evidence for our readers so they can feel confident making an investment in Gulmohar City Karachi. The NOC details are provided below.

NOC of Gulmohar City Karachi

NOC of Gulmohar City Karachi

NOC of Gulmohar City Karachi

Master Plan of Gulmohar City Karachi:

With expertise in master-planned housing developments that combine residential amenities with retail establishments, lodging, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, dining establishments, and entertainment to enhance community lifestyles with all of the resources available inside the walled city.

Every successful neighborhood is only as good as its surroundings, with commercial designs that support the project’s residents.

The second route utilizes the M9 Super Highway to travel directly from Dumba Goth Interchange to Solangi Stop, Water World Park, and Gulmohar Gardens.

All the amenities in Malir Cantt and Bahria Town Karachi as well as the airport are within easy reach. There will be amenities for shopping and amusement both inside the property and in the neighborhood. Excellent hospitals and schools are also close by.

Six Sectors in total, broken up into several blocks, are present. The following blocks are included in the sectors:

  • Sector 1: Block A & B
  • Sector 2: Block C & D
  • Sector 3: Block E & F
  • Sector 4: Block G & H
  • Sector 5: Block I & J
  • Sector 6: Block K & L

The project spans 332 acres in total. The dimensions of the land depicted below are for sale.

Payment Plan of Gulmohar City Karachi:

Payment Plan of Gulmohar City Karachi

The Gulmohar City Housing Society keeps its rates fair. With monthly payments starting at Rs. 6,500, plot booking fees start at Rs. 1.8 lakh. With a flexible 5-year payment plan, anyone may purchase at these reasonable costs.

The beautiful community that will contain some of the pinnacle of an eco-friendly community and carry the most magnificent structures imbued with nature is described as the doorway to this extravagant project.

Across the entire network. The master plan for Gulmohar City offers what we refer to as a modernistic excellent Segway to an affordable living with each layout.

Gulmohar City is intended to reduce the total amount of amenities that might be offered in a global project. The community-by-community comparison of the pollution index.

Facilities & Amenities of Gulmohar City Karachi:

Gulmohar Road Network:

Nearby landmarks of Gulmohar City Karachi

At first glance, the systematic way in which each component of the infrastructure fits into place truly distinguishes Gulmohar City’s infrastructure from that of the hub.

Drastically lowering pollutant levels. Elegantly branching out from the city’s core, the 200-foot main road splits off into 100-foot auxiliary roads that connect other parts of the city.

Area Commercial of Gulmohar:

The functionality of a community’s business infrastructure serves as one of the primary markers of success for this single reason.

The area of commerce that includes opulent malls. Commercial malls, modern movie theatres, and social clubs.

Apartments in Gulmohar City Karachi:

 Gulmohar City Karachi Appartments

Lakeview Flats are luxurious apartment structures with a 1000 sq ft size that may meet all of your requirements. They are fully furnished.

The Lakeview flats will be in the center of Gulmohar City, fully furnished, and with concierge services offered every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Mall in Gulmohar City Karachi:

The performance of a community’s commercial infrastructure is one of the key indicators of its success; for this reason, the commercial zone, which includes upscale malls and movie theatres, shopping centers, globally recognized and locally renowned food chains, and much more, is another important pillar of the project.


A doorway to luxury, tranquilly, and a healthy environment. Introducing the first residential complex in Karachi, modern in design and ideally situated along the Karachi-Hyderabad M9-Motorway to lower overall pollution levels compared to neighborhoods.

 Gulmohar City Karachi hill golf club

A future project of Riverlink Builders & Developers is Gulmohar City Karachi. The entrance to this lavish project is described as the pinnacle of an eco-friendly neighborhood that carries a vision of a green metropolis with the most amazing structures infused with nature.

The ideal Segway to an inexpensive lifestyle with every conceivable amenity offered in a global project is Gulmohar City Karachi.