Nova City Peshawar


A brand-new housing development by reputable Nova Developers is called Nova City Peshawar. The M-1 Motorway is very next to Nova City, which is also close to Charsadda and Peshawar.

One of the most important developments in Pakistan’s real estate sector is Nova City Peshawar. The residential society is under rapid development and is built in accordance with world standards.

Owners & Developers of Nova City Peshawar: 

The well-known real estate developers Nova Developers Pvt. Ltd. are the Owner and Developers of Nova City Peshawar. The corporation was established as a non-governmental organization in 1997.

The development group’s founder and current CEO is Mr. Junaid Afzal. Nova Developers has 25 years of extensive, fruitful experience in the real estate business.

Over the course of the past two decades, they have created a number of noteworthy projects. The development team has a clear aim to build a project with all the newest amenities and comforts at the most competitive pricing on the market.

Nova City Peshawar NOC:

The Tehsil Municipal Administration purportedly approved the Nova City Peshawar No-Objection-Certificate (NOC). One of the key factors luring investors to a housing society is the community’s acceptance.

The residential society’s administrators followed all legal procedures to win clearance. The housing society’s NOC clearance makes it a trustworthy and advantageous investment opportunity that will pay off in the long run.

Nova City Peshawar Location:

Location of Nova City Peshawar

Nova City given its proximity to Charsadda, Peshawar, and the M-1 motorway, which is in a prime location. The M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway connects Peshawar with other significant cities.

On the Peshawar Ring Road, the highway starts to the northeast of Peshawar. 14 interchanges, including Peshawar Ring Road, are located along the 155-kilometer M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway.

Due to its proximity to M1, the residential community has increased value. Due to its convenient location and accessibility, Nova City Peshawar is more alluring to property owners and investors.

Master Plan of Nova City Peshawar: 

Master Plan of Nova City Peshawar

The skilled team at Nova Developers has created the master plan for Nova City Peshawar. The master plan covers over 2000 Kanal of the most exclusive property.

Phase II has also recently been announced and Phase 1 is presently undergoing rapid development. Large main boulevards, as well as interconnecting roads and streets, are highlights of the project.

The abundance of green spaces and areas to plant trees enhances the beautiful attractiveness of the community. Phase I offers a variety of site sizes for both residential and commercial use.

Plot Sizes in Nova City Peshawar:

Subsequent are the housing plots sizes offered in the Phase I of Nova City:

  • 5 Marla Plot
  • 5 Marla Plot
  • 7 Marla Plot
  • 10 Marla Plot
  • 1 Kanal Plot

Payment Plan of Nova City Peshawar:

Payment Plan of Nova City Peshawar

The Nova City Peshawar payment schedule was thoughtfully created with the investors’ comfort in mind.

The organization offered a 4-year payment plan with 40 monthly installments and 8 half-yearly installments as part of its pre-launch of Phase I. Numerous investors from KPK and other parts of the nation are drawn to the flexible payment schedule.

Terms and Conditions for Payment Plans:

The terms and conditions for the Nova City Peshawar payment plan are as follows:

  • In the payment schedule, non-category plots are sold separately.
  • There will be a 10% fee for category plots.
  • Prices are liable to change without prior notice at any time.
  • Payment for each month’s instalments is due on the tenth of the month.
  • The current costs include development fees.
  • Make a check or DD out to Nova City Developers.
  • A 10% confirmation fee is due within 45 days after making the reservation.

Amenities & Facilities of Nova City Peshawar:

The latest amenities and facilities of Nova City Peshawar will support a modern way of life. The residential society offers every amenity required for a rich and comfortable existence today.

The designers hope to offer a high-quality, environmentally responsible way of life.

For this reason, a sizable space was set aside for the main theme park, where both children and adults could enjoy leisurely times that were nourishing for the mind.

Environmentally Friendly:

In the most productive landmarks, the developers have chosen an ecologically friendly green setting. Numerous foreign investors are drawn to the peaceful and environmentally favorable atmosphere.

Large Mosque:

Another stunning addition to meet spiritual requirements is the Grand Mosque. Its exquisite and contemporary architecture is relaxing and soul-soothing. The Jamia Masjid is undergoing a period of tremendous development.

Gated Neighborhood:

Nova City Peshawar is a gated community that is constantly being watched after. The standard of a housing society is raised by it being a gated community.

The security of the future occupants is not compromised by the developers. A boundary wall guards society’s boundaries to maintain the highest level of security possible.

Water Supplies:

The residential society’s proprietors have kept a close eye on the building’s critical water resources. The future occupants of the housing society will have access to pure water thanks to the numerous water restoration facilities that are anticipated to be built in Nova City, Peshawar.

Complexes related to education:

Education is one of life’s most essential and fundamental necessities. The owners of the residential society have paid particular attention to educational goals.

The developer of Nova City in Peshawar intends to build educational complexes that meet international standards. The potential resident of a residential community could get top-notch educational opportunities.

Medical Complexes:

The construction of healthcare facilities is a top priority for residential society developers. For this reason, they have created hospitals and clinics that meet worldwide standards.

To handle emergencies, groups of qualified paramedics with experience will be hired. The hours of operation for emergencies are every day of the week.

Balloting in Nova City, Peshawar:

Balloting in a residential community is an important development stage. Nova City Peshawar is taking the necessary steps to ensure early settlement and the development of society.

The results of the most recent voting at Nova City Peshawar, which was conducted against multiple plots, have recently been made public.

The Pakhtunkhwa Enclave of the housing society’s Phase I, now known as Phase I, balloting results were announced. Residential plots with sizes of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal are included in Phase I.

On March 23, 2022, the residential society’s owners held its first election, to which all of the official members were invited. The residential society’s official Facebook page posted the balloting results.

Development status of Nova City Peshawar:

Nova City Peshawar is advancing quickly. The residential society’s Phase I development is almost all finished. Phase II of the housing program has also been declared by the authorities.

Additionally, the provision of water and power has been made. There has also been Phase I balloting and many official members are prepared to take ownership of the properties they have chosen.


A well-thought-out and trustworthy investment opportunity, Nova City Peshawar was created by the market’s first building business.

The housing society is a gated community with constant security. The setting is exceptional, and the amenities are top-notch.

The society has educational facilities that meet international standards, 24 hour hospitals, and water and energy restoration facilities.

The investment opportunity at Nova City Peshawar, which must be taken advantage of, will be quite profitable in the years to come.