Shaheen Housing Scheme Peshawar


Shaheen Housing Scheme Peshawar

Shaheen Housing Scheme is one of Pakistan Air Force’s Shaheen Foundation’s most attractive and inexpensive master planned housing projects.

The project’s goal is to make the most opulent houses with all of the necessary hotel amenities available to potential investors. PDA has also given the project its approval, granting it genuine hosing scheme status.

Location of Shaheen Housing Scheme:

Location of Shaheen Housing Scheme

This huge project, known as Shaheen Housing Scheme, is located in Peshawar’s most desirable location. The venture’s declared position is on the outskirts of Warsak Road Peshawar, and the Northern Bypass and Motorway are also easily accessible from the location where this massive project is located.

NOC of Shaheen Housing Scheme:

Shaheen Housing Scheme NOC is approved by Peshawar Development Authority. The project is fully secured for civilians and in terms of investment.

Master Map of Shaheen Housing Scheme:

This exquisite property boasts all of the current conveniences while also offering viable 400 and 500 square foot plots exclusively for civilians. On the other hand, only cash and installment payment alternatives are available for 1 Kanal premium plots at Rs 68 Lacs.

Important to note is that all of Shaheen Housing Scheme’s houses come with immediate possession and construction leverage for its customers.

Payment Plan of Shaheen Housing Scheme:

The payment plan for Shaheen housing scheme is very affordable. You can easily book your plot for residential as well as investment purpose.

Promising facilities & Amenities of Shaheen Housing Scheme:

Amenities of Shaheen Housing Scheme:

This housing project is providing some quality amenities to the residents of this project which are as under:

• Safe and Secured Environment

Peace of mind is the real bag. Every human being needs to feel safe and secure in their lives. Shaheen Housing Scheme is a project that guarantees to provide the safest environment. For this, it bestows a completely gated and high security for nonviolent community.

The people can live free from any insecurities or harm. Furthermore, to abolish the element of danger, all the wires and cables are appropriately covered and free from any risk.

• Hygienic Atmosphere

The housing program offers an accommodation that is free from contamination. There is a perfect and flawless plan for sanitary to provide accommodators a hygienic atmosphere.

• Availability of water, Gas and Electricity 24/7

The scheme is eminent for providing the basic needs at advanced level. It guarantees to make available the facilities of water, gas and electricity 24/7. The services are served at its best.

High Quality Educational System

Education is the movement from darkness to the light. Shaheen Housing Scheme illuminates the lives of the people by providing the facility of high quality educational system that comprises of such educational institutes that not only educate people but also grooms their personalities.

• Mosque

Mosques are available in all the Shaheen Housing Scheme. People do not have to go far away from their homes as they can find mosques near to their houses.

• Plots and Developed apartments

The most convenient fact about the housing scheme is that, it provides not only residential or commercial plots but also apartments and houses that are highly well organized at international standard.

• Parks and playgrounds

Every sector has a number of parks and playgrounds. It enables the accommodators to avail the best jogging and walking tracks.

• Gym and Sports:

Exercise makes a person fit and healthy, not only physically but mentally and psychologically too. For this purpose, the housing society has reserved an area for gym and sports so that people can work out and keep themselves healthy.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable lifestyle
Tranquil Environment
Pollution-free Atmosphere
Elegant infrastructure
Health care facilities
High-Quality Educational Institutes
Safe and Secure Location

Why invest in Shaheen Housing Scheme Peshawar?

People have some insecurities regarding investment. Some people are confused and need guidance related to the property and payment plans.

The organizers of the society guide the people according to their needs. The owner and developers provide a plan that is trustworthy, reliable, and convenient.

Economical Prices:

The investors have a great opportunity to invest in a project that has economical rates and has become extremely well-liked because of its economical prices. Investors can pay a reasonable amount and can live a lavish lifestyle.

Best Services:

The Housing society provides people with the best and promising facilities. People can have a secure society, health care, educational institutes, clean water, electricity, gas, parks, garden, playgrounds, mosques, and much more.

A serene and tranquil environment:

A peaceful surroundings and pollution-free atmosphere are fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. It allows people to experience a life that is close to nature. Nature is always healing and soothing, so people can breathe in the fresh air and cherish the greenery around them.

Pro Tips

  • People should examine the details of the project thoroughly.
  • They should know the installment plan of the project carefully.
  • Investors should consult experts before purchasing the documents before the submissions.
  • Check the NOCs approved by Peshawar Development Authority PDA.
  • Should verify the documents from Peshawar Development Authority PDA.
  • Customers should make a detailed inspection of the infrastructure.
  • Inspect the locality and check the proximity to hospitals, educational centers, offices etc.


Shaheen Housing Scheme is a housing scheme that is considered the most affordable among many housing plans. It is the most popular among all the housing schemes because its services are promising and are provided at its best.

The development of the plan is still under process to meet the international standards and to bestow the best designs, elegant architecture and appropriate infrastructure.

The housing scheme provides fully developed houses that save the time of clients for further constructions. The project not only offers residential plots but also commercial plots for sale.

The property also offers houses on rent. The amazing features include accessibility of all the basic necessities at the doorstep that enable the people to live a life of their dreams.