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Shaheen Town Islamabad

Shaheen Town Islamabad


Shaheen town is a masterfully built housing project, one of the known communities in Pakistan. The society is providing you the opportunity to get your own home in the Federal City of Pakistan.

The best thing about society is that it’s specially designed to change the way of living who wants to live luxrious life. This society consists of both residential and commercial areas where people can get profitable outcomes, and they can increase the revenue by investing in the most livable area of Pakistan.

If you truly want to experience the colors of life then Shaheen Town is the place where you will feel relaxed and satisfy.

Owners & Developers

This housing project is a masterpiece which Shaheen Builders & Developers has developed fully. The basic idea behind this community is that people can really benefit from the genuine characteristic of luxury in a better life atmosphere.

Owners and developers have taken initiatives that can lead to richer lives for community owners. They aimed at creating a noise-free society in which people can live well and comfortably in a healthy and prosperous way.

Shaheen Town Islamabad Location:

Shaheen Town Islamabad Location

If we talk about society’s location, we can tell that it is in one of Islamabad’s prime locations, where everything is close weather it is food, parks, mall, shopping, supermarkets, and so on.

Even if people want to travel they can travel easily because there are many bus stops in the vicinity of this society. The best residential place in Islamabad and the best destination are the real life experience. Where can you make all your dreams come true.

Nearby Points from Community

  • Bahria Enclave Islamabad is just a 21-minute drive from here
  • Isra University is reachable within 12 minutes from Shaheen Town, Phase 3, Islamabad
  • It is 10 minutes’ drive from Dhok Jabbi
  • Farash Islamabad is 9 minutes, and Frash Town Islamabad is 12 minutes’ drive away
  • Rawal Chok is reachable within 10-12 minutes.
  • Khanapul is reachable within 15-20n minutes.
  • Nearby Housing Societies

Features & Amenities of Shaheen Town

Everybody in this leading world wants to live perfect life with everything necessary to make them enjoy the real way of life. Shaheen Town Islamabad is the world’s standard of living for luxurious life.

This housing scheme is one of those projects that offers you and your family an unparalleled quality of life. This is the quietest and friendliest place to live. Where you will find all the wonderful tools you deserve.

The following features are available to compete with the modern, emerging community:

Features of Community

  • 24/7 Electricity
  • 24/7 Gas
  • 24/7 Security System
  • 24/7 Water Supply
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Gated Community
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Lush Green Surroundings
  • 24/7 Availability of Basic Necessities
  • Well Planned Drainage System
  • Green belts
  • Graveyard
  • 1.23-megawatt feeder to connect with Soan’s grid station
  • Sewerage and drainage systems
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • 24/7 availability of Basis needs
  • Paved Walkway for Pedestrians

Clinics and Hospitals

Shaheen Town Islamabad Clinics and Hospitals

Society should be satisfied with all life and healthcare systems so that people can enjoy their lives in peace. The best thing in this community is to provide you with quality healthcare services. Society offers several clinics and hospitals in society and elsewhere so that consumers can treat wherever they feel satisfied.

Nearby Clinics and Hospitals

Shaheen Town offers several clinics and hospitals near society.

  • Gulzar Clinic
  • Bilal Clinic
  • Wahab Healthcare Clinic
  • Al Nafees Medical College Hospital
  • HBS Hospital
  • Dr Shakeela Shabbir Hospital
  • Begum Jan Hospital
  • Al Wadood Hospital


Shaheen Town Islamabad Banks

The Developers are highly concerned about the golden living standard that’s why they tried hard to put everything under one roof so every single can be approachable for community holders.

Nearby Banks

  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commerical Bank (MCB)
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Shaheen Town Islamabad Schools, Colleges and Universities

It is very important for better living standards that society be completely surrounded by the basic necessities of life and that the city offers quality.

There are many options for schools, colleges and universities when it comes to academic institutions, Shaheen Town, the reputable schools in Islamabad operate near Shaheen Town Islamabad.

Nearby Schools

There are several schools near Shaheen Town Islamabad where parents can send their children without any hesitation.

  • FG Girls Primary School
  • Dar-e-Arqam School
  • Air Foundation School System
  • Allied School
  • Sultana Foundation Boys High School

Nearby Colleges for Intermediate Students

  • Punjab Group of Colleges
  • Harmain Campus
  • Army Public School and College
  • Islamabad Model College for Girls
  • Prince Salman College
  • University of Punjab
  • The Grafton College

Nearby Universities

  • National University of Modern Languages.
  • Isra University
  • COMSATS University


Shaheen Town Islamabad Mosques

This community is completely surrounded by blessings, which is why the environment in which people live is filled with Mosques. However, in mosques around 1 km away or a few minutes’ drive from our society residents may also choose to offer their prayers.

Nearby Mosques

  • Masjid Qurban
  • Masjid Bilal
  • Masjid Khulafa e Rashideen
  • Masjid-e-Ghosi


Shaheen Town Islamabad Markets

Nothing can make you more comfortable than having markets in your area. Residents of Shaheen City, Islamabad, have easy access to a host of stores that sell grocery products and everyday products, with regard to that particular convenience.

Nearby Markets

  • Arsalan Market
  • Apna Super Store
  • Ghafoor Jan Market
  • Qureshi Market
  • Qadria Market
  • Save Mart

Public Transportation

Shaheen Town Islamabad Public Transport

When it comes to public transport, this society is very close to where it is so easy to travel, saving your time and money. The City of Shaheen Islamabad is a city where residents can easily take advantage of public transport and travel in real time.

Nearest Bus Stations

  • Jhang Sayedan
  • Sultana Foundation bus station
  • Alipur Old Bank Stop
  • Taramri Chowk Bus Stop

Islamabad railway station is located in H-9 which can be an option for all the community holders by using that people can actually travel from one city to another. The railway station is well-maintained and is situated at a distance of around 19 km from the community.

Shopping Centers

Shaheen Town Islamabad Shopping Centers

This society is located only 21km from the main shopping centre for the amazing shopping experience, which will allow you to experience the exotic and will also change your living standards.

Shaheen Town Islamabad is the place to reach any destination and when we talk about malls and a shopping centre, it’s the best place to experience and to get all the facilities.

Nearby Shopping Centers

  • Giga Mall Islamabad
  • Centaurus Mall
  • Safa Gold Mall

Restaurants and Bakeries

Shaheen Town Islamabad Shopping Centre

Shaheen Town Islamabad is the middle of city for all the foodies so that every meal they want to eat can be enjoyed. This community offers all kinds of food that meets your wishes. After about 2 to three kilometers, restaurants serving these dishes are accessible.

Nearby Restaurants & Bakeries

  • Lasania Restaurant
  • Al Raffay Bar B Q
  • Baba G Tasty Point restaurant
  • Shinwari Lounge
  • Subhanallah Murgh Palao
  • Hafiz Sweets & Bakers
  • Al Jannat Bakers
  • Tayyab Bakers & Sweets
  • Gourmet Bakers & Sweets

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centers

Shaheen Town Isb Sports Facilities and Fitness Centers

What else does a sports enthusiast need besides high-end or fully equipped sports facilities near their residence? Luckily, quite a few sports facilities are located near Shaheen Town, Islamabad, which are not more than 14 to 17 km away.

You can find Islamabad Sports Complex that features Pakistan Sports Complex at Kashmir Highway. The sports complex features assistance from experienced trainers and mentors for all sorts of indoor and outdoor sports. The main stadium there can accommodate around 48,000 people at a time.

The complex has several grounds, gym, tennis and squash courts, swimming pool, rock climbing facility, running tracks, beach volleyball, fencing and a lot more. However, you need to get membership from Pakistan Sports Complex to use the facilities.

Islamabad Sports Complex also features a space for indoor games, named Liaquat Gymnasium that can accommodate around 10,000+ spectators. It hosts basketball, boxing, badminton and pro wrestling matches from time to time.

Islamabad Club Polo Complex is a perfect place to learn and practice horse riding and Polo, amidst lush greenery. However, you need to become a member to avail the facility’s polo ground and hone your skills with the help of available trainers. Also, pro golfers and even beginners can head to the 27-hole Islamabad Club Golf Course on Murree Road.

Apart from the sports facilities, having a gym near your locality or residence helps you in maintaining a healthy routine and also keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day. Fortunately, there are some well-equipped gyms and fitness centers near Shaheen Town, Islamabad, such as:

  • Power House Gym in Ali Pur at 2.6 km
  • Muscle Tech Gym on Lehtrar Road, Nai Abadi at 4.6 km
  • Ladies Fitness Gym in Lane F on Ghora Sardar Road, Taramri at 5.5 km


Parks are the best when it comes to getting close to nature. Also, living near green spaces has proven to be significantly beneficial for our social and psychological health.

Fortunately, you can find several parks near Shaheen Town, Islamabad where you can go for a walk-in morning or evening, jog, exercise, take your kids or sit and relax for some time.

There is a Children Park, Trafalgar Square Park, and Musical Theme Park that are well-maintained, neat, and clean. Other than these, if you commute around 16 to 18 km from Shaheen Town, Islamabad, Phase 3, you will come across some of the most beautiful lush green parks of the city, which are counted among some must-visit attractions.

You can visit these parks with your family or friends and have a great time in a serene setting. Some of the parks are Kachnar Park and Muhammad Bin Qasim Park in I-8, Federal Park H-8 and CDA Children Park in I-9.

Nearby Areas

Shaheen Town Islamabad Nearby Areas

If we talk about the nearby places from Shaheen Town Islamabad so just by the prime location of the society there are many entertainment options are available for the community holders so they can fun-filled the holidays with families.

Nearby Points

  • Lake View Park
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Pakistan Monument
  • Islamabad Zoo
  • Faisal Mosque
  • Kachnar Park

Properties in Shaheen Town Islamabad

Shaheen Town Islamabad is the place which is giving the perfect area. This society consists of both residential and commercial plots.


The Owners and Developers took initiative to make sure transparency in every single step and for that, they first made this society risk-free so every single investor, family, and the consumer can invest without any doubt and they can enjoy life. This society is clearly approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA)

Pros Cons

  • 24/7 Electricity Prices are considered higher
  • 24/7 Gass
  • 24/7 Water
  • Tightly Secured and Safe Environnement
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
  • Approachable Location
  • Very Close to main city
  • Lush Green Surroundings
  • Gated Community
  • Secure Investment
  • Co-operative Society
  • Beautiful Mosques
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Playing Area for children’s
  • University, Schools and colleges
  • Commerical Zone
  • Parks and Hotels
  • Hospitals and Clinics

Why Invest in Shaheen Town Islamabad?

Why invest in Shaheen Town Islamabad

Shaheen Town Islamabad is one of the successful housing society, in the region of twin cities which is giving endless investment plans not just for the long term but also for the short term as well.

Due to its excellent Location, Quality Development, and Innovative Infrastructure this community is grabbing everyone’s attention.


The overview of the society is that Shaheen Town Islamabad is a fruitful execution not only for investors but also for those who want to reside in it. Shaheen Town Islamabad is one of the finest projects which will shine and set the benchmark for the whole country


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