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Satellite Town Quetta

satellite town quetta


Quetta is the provincial capital and the largest city of the province in Balochistan in P Pakistan. It’s also spelled Kwatah, The name is a variation of kwatkot, a Pashto word meaning “fort,” and the city is still locally known by its ancient name of Shal or Shalkot.

The city is the divisional and district headquarters and is an important marketing and communications center at the north end of the Shal Valley about 5,500 ft (1,675 m) above sea level.

It is the southernmost point in a line of frontier posts and in the system of strategic roads and railways near the northwest (Afghanistan) border.

Commanding the Bolan and Khojak passes, Quetta was occupied by the British in 1876; a residency was founded by Sir Robert Sandeman, and the town developed around its strongly garrisoned army station.

Incorporated as a municipality in 1896, its Army Command and Staff College was opened in 1907. A violent earthquake partially destroyed the city in May 1935, with a loss of 20,000 lives.

Now a market center for western Afghanistan, eastern Iran, and part of Central Asia, its industries include cotton mills, a sulfur refinery, coke briquetting plants, a thermal power station, and fruit canneries.

The city is the site of a geophysical institute, the Geological Survey of Pakistan, Sandeman Library, and two government colleges affiliated with the University of Peshawar. The University of Balochistān was established at Quetta in 1970. The city is also an important summer resort.

Quetta district is bounded north by Pishin district, west by Afghanistan, east by Sibi district, and south by Kalat and Chagai districts.

Physically it comprises a series of long valleys 4,500–5,500 ft above sea level enclosed by the Central Brahui range in the south and drained by the Pishi n Lora River and its tributaries.

Its climate is dry and temperate and suitable for valley cultivation of grapes, peaches, plums, apricots, apples, almonds, pears, and pomegranates.

Wheat, barley, and corn (maize) are common crops; juniper and pistachio forests abound. Horse breeding is widespread. Felts, rugs, silk embroidery, and copper vessels are local handicrafts.

About Satellite Town Quetta

Satellite Town Quetta is the most beautiful and lavish residential address. Which is specifically designed to change the standard of living. The basic concept is to provide all kinds of facilities and urban living standards to the people of Pakistan.

The most elegant project marking its footprint across Pakistan. The popularity of this project spoke for itself just by the diversity and stylish structure.

The town is giving the true concept of elegant living in a gated community which will give boost to your dreams. The world-class housing project planned to provide the latest international living standard and a secure place for living.

A highly trained and equipped security force guarding and patrolling the vicinity round the clock in addition to surveillance cameras to ensure a peaceful environment for the residents.

The finest society is an ideal choice with a mixture of comfy features and luxurious.

Owners & Developers

This community is solely a private project, The Owners & Developers made this society risk-free and noise free for the investors and buyers who want enjoy lifestyle.

Since its inception, Satellite Town has become an icon as one of the most innovative, diverse and reliable real estate developers.


Housing Scheme will be the leader in providing luxurious lifestyle, world class amenities and gold standard living through strong customer focus, innovative ideas, superior development standards and relentless attainment of objectives by empowered people.


Satellite town Quetta Location

Satellite Town Quetta is an upscale society and residential suburb in the city of Quetta in Balochistan, Pakistan. The town is situated adjacent to the University of Balochistan and the headquarters of the Geological Survey of Pakistan.

If we talk about the location of this society so this community is located in a very prime location. Which is connected with three major main highways which make traveling easier and everything can be approachable in just 10-15 min drive

The housing project is grabbing the attention of everyone cause it’s an ideal place for living and easily accessible.

Satellite Town Quetta Payment Plan

Satellite Town Quetta Payment Plan

­­­­­Easy Access Points

This society connects with three different major highways

  • Easy Access Points from SardarMunirMengal Road
  • Easy Access Points from Eastern Bypass
  • Easy Access Points from Haji Abdul Qadus Road
  • Easy Access Points from Sirki Road

Nearby Housing Societies

This society connects with all major landmarks which will fascinating view and lush green surroundings


Features & Amenities

In this emerging and leading world everyone is looking for a safe and secure lifestyle where they can experience the ultra-luxuries of life.

This housing scheme is one of that projects which is offering unparalleled quality of life which you are looking for yourselves and for your family.

This is the most untroubled and friendly place to live. Where you will find all the magical splendid tools which you deserve. To compete with modern emerging era sensational landmark is offering following features:


  • Stylish and modern infrastructure
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • 24/7 Gas
  • 24/7 Security System
  • 24/7 Water Supply
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Gated Community
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Lush Green Surroundings
  • 24/7 Availability of Basic Necessities
  • Well Planned Drainage System
  • Underground Provision of Cables
  • Utilities corridor
  • Underground Water System
  • Underground Telecommunication Cables

Schools, College and Universities

When it comes to academic institutions, there are several options for schools, colleges, and universities in Satellite Town. Parents living in the society have the option of sending their kids to a school that’s located within their society.

Not only does this convenience increase the peace of mind of parents, but it also adds to the value of the property available in the society.

Nearby Schools

There are several schools near Satellite Town where parents can send their children without any hesitation.

  • The Smart School
  • Helper’s Public School
  • Jinnah Academy
  • Star Model Public School
  • The Educator
  • Hamdard Public High School
  • Community School
  • Babar English School
  • Aspire Public School
  • Pearl Satellite School

Prospective intermediate students also have some top colleges in proximity to their residence

Nearby Colleges for Intermediate Students

  • Govt Girl’s College
  • Girls Degree College
  • APWA College
  • Quetta Institute of Information and Technology
  • Islamia College
  • Balochistan Law College Quetta

When it comes to professional education that could help you land the job of your dream.

Nearby Universities

  • Govt. Agro Technical Teacher Training Center
  • Balochistan Institute of Information & Technology
  • IQRA University
  • NUML Quetta Campus
  • University of Balochistan
  • NustBalochistan Campus


Each block of Satellite Town has its own spacious and elegant mosque. Which are all surrounded by Skyline views and mesmerizing environment.

This community is fully encircled with blessings and that’s why the surroundings of the society feature mosques for the convenience of residents.

Nearby Mosques

  • JamiaMasijidFarooque
  • Masijid Ayesha
  • GolMasijid
  • Usman-e-GhaniMasijid
  • Abdul BaqiMasijid
  • JamiaMasijidNaqeeb
  • MasijidHazrat Bilal
  • MakkiMasijid

Clinic and Hospital

Society should be fulfilled with all colors of life and the health care system so you can enjoy your life peacefully. The best thing in this community is that you will get all quality services that will take care of your health.

Society offering several Clinics and hospital within society and outside the society so consumers can take medical treatment wherever they feel satisfaction

Nearby Clinics and Hospitals

  • NusratRiaz Hospital
  • AG Syed Hospital
  • Jilani Hospital
  • Jam-e-Shifa Hospital
  • Al-Khidmat Hospital
  • Al-Sadat Dental Hospital
  • Seddiqi Clinic
  • Saudi Hospital
  • Khalid Medical Center
  • Satellite Medicine Agency

Shopping Center & Malls

The town situated in a very prime location where every single thing can accessible in a very short period of time. Many brands and renowned outlets are approachable in just under one roof.

This town is offering exotic and unique experience to consumers so they can live the best life.

Nearby Shopping Centers

  • Haji Abdul Sattar
  • Quetta Sasta Bazar
  • Quetta Shopping Center
  • Nazar Shopping Center
  • Anwar Shopping Center

Restaurant & Cafes

When it comes to food then this is the midpoint for all the foodies so they can enjoy every meal whatever they want to eat. This community offers all types of food which will fulfill your desires.

The restaurants that are serving these dishes are reachable after covering a distance of around 2 to 3 km.

Nearby Cafes

  • Quetta Zalmi Cafe
  • Commercial Cafe
  • Quetta Cafe
  • Quetta Karachi Cafe
  • Chamman Hotel
  • Qismat Cafe
  • Pasheen Cafe
  • Quetta Family Restaurant
  • Quetta Ajwa Cafe
  • Hot & Spicy

Public Transportation

This society is located in a very approachable place which will make traveling easier and more convenient for the community holders.

There are lots of options available for the people because it’s just 5 mins away from the main road from where community holders can get public buses, traditional taxis, rickshaws, and Qingqi.

Nearby Bus Stops

  • Burrak 2D Car Service
  • Sadabhaar Bus Terminal
  • Quetta Vagon Stop
  • Old Pishin Stop
  • Marri Abad Bus Stop


The best part about the society is that the society has its own commercial zone which community holders can visit. You will get every kind of thing within boundaries. Nothing can bring in more convenience than having markets situated near your residence.

As far as this particular convenience is concerned, residents, Satellite Town have ready access to a plethora of shops selling groceries and products of everyday use.

Nearby Markets

  • Quetta Cloth Center
  • Kabari Market
  • Hashmi Market
  • AL-Arif Market
  • Japan Market
  • Sasta Bazar
  • Shai Market
  • Qalandari Market
  • Barech Market
  • Khushhal Market

Parks and Lifestyle

The vision is to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle with all the comforts and facilities so people can enjoy and they can upgrade the living standards.

Keeping in mind all the basic things for life Satellite Town Quetta has made Dream Park a neat and clean place and where you will enjoy the fresh air and peaceful environment.

Nearby Areas

If we talk about the nearby places, so just by the prime location of the society there are many entertainment options are available for the community holders so they can fun-filled the holidays with families.

Nearby Places

Satellite Town nearby Land Marks

  • Miri Fort
  • Liaquat Family Park
  • Fatima Jinnah Family Park
  • BibiZiarat Tomb
  • Quettawal
  • Quetta Geological Museum
  • QDA Park

Things to Consider

Satellite Town Quetta offering residential and commercial plots in highly affordable rates. Before sighing any deal, it’s very important that you should know about the fact that development is currently underway residents can benefit from state-of-the-art amenities located in neighboring societies of the area.

Pros Cons

  • 24/7 Electricity Prices are considered higher
  • 24/7 Gass
  • 24/7 Water
  • Tightly Secured and Safe Environnement
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
  • Approachable Location
  • Very Close to main city
  • Lush Green Surroundings
  • Gated Community
  • Secure Investment
  • Co-operative Society
  • Beautiful Mosques
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Playing Area for children’s
  • University, Schools and colleges
  • Commerical Zone
  • Parks and Hotels
  • Hospitals and Clinics

Why Invest?

This town is giving endless investment plans not just for the long term but also for the short term as well. Due to its excellent Location, Quality Development, and Innovative Infrastructure This Society is grabbing everyone’s attention.

Let’s Discuss Some key points of this society.

Safe and Secure Development

This society understands that everyone wants to invest in a place where they can find real activities. This town is the place where you will find every single thing clear because it’s an approved project.

Quality Development

The Owners and Developers of the society are very cleared about providing elegant and quality development. Extravagance stylish structure and innovatively designed society is key of sucess. Which will maintain standards of living and experience of life.


The overview of the society is that Satellite Town is a fruitful execution not only for investors but also for those who want to reside in it.

Satellite Town is one of the finest projects which will shine and set the benchmark for the whole country and it will secure your Investment and will provide you the profitable outcomes.


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