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Reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley:

The best investment opportunity in this housing society is given to you in Islamabad. These reasons should persuade you to invest in Kingdom Valley, and Etimaad International recommends that you take advantage of the chance as soon as possible.

Kingdome Valley is a luxury housing society near the M-2 Motorway, constructed by Kingdome Group, a property development company with years of experience. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most compelling reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location

The location of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is great because it is close to the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, making it easily accessible. A real estate project’s location has a significant impact on its success or failure.

Accessibility to Kingdom Valley:

The Kingdom Valley map can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • International Islamabad Airport is about a 25-minute drive away, and the M-1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway is about a 33-minute drive away.
  • The M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway is just a short distance away.
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road is approximately 33 minutes distant, and Rawat-Chakbeli Road is approximately 26 minutes away.
  • Srinagar Highway is about a 29-minute drive away.
  • Adiala Road is around a 25-minute drive away.
  • Chakri Road is only around a 5-minute drive away.
  • N-80 is about a 31-minute drive away.

Legal Status of Kingdom Valley:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s No Objection Certification (NOC) has been approved under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme with Registration Number “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.”

Such approved real estate projects have a better chance of being completed successfully and on time, with the properties being delivered to investors.

Its long-term characteristics make it an even more appealing investment opportunity. The legal status is without a doubt at the top of the list of reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Well planned Project:

A highly experienced team of specialists with years of property design and development experience has well-planned and well-designed the master plan of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

The architects and engineers are working around the clock to ensure that the project is completed on schedule and to the greatest possible standard.

The kingdom Valley Rawalpindi offers the following business and residential properties in various sizes:

  • 5 Marla residential plots
  • 7 Marla residential plots
  • 8 Marla residential plots
  • 10 Marla residential plots
  • 1 Kanal residential plot
  • 2 Marla Commercial plot
  • 4 Marla Commercial plot

The Kingdom Valley is made up of the following blocks:

  • Commercial Block
  • Residential Block
  • Farmhouse Blocks
  • Overseas Villas (Executive Block)

Affordable Price Plan:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a low-cost housing development with flexible payment options. The cost-effective rates of properties in society are among the most appealing and appealing aspects that attract large-scale investors. Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi plots for sale are now available for booking.

For booking information, you could contact Etimaad International. Using a four-year instalment plan, you might easily purchase your ideal home in Kingdom Valley. The following are the property prices in Kingdom Valley:

Amenities of Kingdom Valley:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has a number of distinguishing qualities that set it apart from other housing societies, including the following:

  • Beautifully crafted entrance gate
  • Affordability
  • Mosque of Greatness
  • Resources of Water
  • Accessibility of Eco-community Education
  • Club House Retail Area is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Development in a Gated Community with a Boundary Wall
  • Water, gas, and electricity are all sources of energy.
  • Electricity of the underground
  • Infrastructure development of world-class sewerage and waste disposal systems
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available at this sports centre.
  • Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics all provide medical services.

Facilities of Kingdom Valley:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Features

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides a comprehensive collection of modern services and amenities at an affordable price. The facilities are so lavish that they may be considered a full-fledged residential society.

The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for the creation of green spaces such as parks. Kingdom Valley is unquestionably regarded as an opulent housing development.

The owners and developers are focused on providing the best housing facilities at the most competitive market price while remaining environmentally friendly. The following are the planned facilities:

Environmentally friendly:

The community will offer an environmentally friendly, close-to-nature lifestyle with all of the modern conveniences. The close proximity to nature will deliver a unique experience not seen in Pakistan’s housing communities.

Water Supplies:

The demands of the residents have been taken into account by society. Water reservoirs will be built for this purpose, storing a vast volume of water that will be used by residents for everyday chores. Furthermore, filter plants will be a part of society to ensure that clean drinking water is available.


A cemetery is an important aspect of any community. Because life and death are inevitable, inhabitants may choose to bury their departed relatives and pray for their everlasting happiness. They may also pay respects to loved ones buried within the society.

Cultural Center:

Community centres will serve as a beacon of social life for residents who want to stay socially active. They can join in the social activities as well as enjoy them.

High Return on Investment (ROI) In Kingdom Valley:

The return on venture is the most important aspect of any real estate investment, and Kingdom Valley is no exception, providing a high level of earnings. Kingdom Valley offers a guaranteed return on investment.

All of the reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad are important to investors, but this is by far the most important. That is why Etimaad International guarantees investors that their money will be safe in this community.

Luxury Life:

The society provides a variety of reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad; the most relevant for mid-level investors is that the developers and owners have worked their way around to provide affordability and excellent facilities. Any investor with a life savings should invest here to live an ultra-luxurious dream life at a reasonable price.


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