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Pakistan Town Islamabad

Pakistan Town Islamabad

Pakistan Town Islamabad is a housing society situated on the main Islamabad Highway. It is located near Korang Town and PWD Housing Society. It is a well-established society that consists of three phases.


Pakistan Town is one of the very developed and successful housing societies in Islamabad. Most of the construction work is done in the town but the developers are still looking forward to adding more to the infrastructure in order to increase the existing charm of the town.


Pakistan Town is located on the main Islamabad Highway and various other known residential societies are sited in its proximity; the PWD Housing Society and Korang Town are the neighboring societies of Pakistan Town and are only 6 and 11 minutes’ drive away respectively, from the town.

Faisal Avenue and Police Foundation is almost 10 – 15 minutes’ drive away. Similarly, Pakistan Monument can be reached in nearly 28 minutes’ drive.

Pakistan Town Islamabad Map

Pakistan Town Islamabad Map


Pakistan Town is a very modern society with a really versatile infrastructure. It is a legitimate housing society that has all the approval forms and NOCs (No Objection Certificates) for all the projects happening within its premises.

These NOCs are deliberately approved by the CDA (Capital Development Authority) that is responsible for issuing consent and approval forms to all the construction projects in the capital city of Islamabad. Pakistan Town also has a NOC for electricity, though it is very tricky to get one for the electricity.

Master Plan

Pakistan Town plans to provide a very lively and quality life to the residents of its town. For this purpose, they have built the town in a way that offers them everything that they are looking for from any residential society. The town offers them with all the basic necessities of life.

All the basic facilities like water, gas, underground electricity, sewage, and waste management systems, and paved roads are provided in the town.

Moreover, there are various educational institutes very close to the town. Similarly, residents can easily reach a number of commercial shops that provide all everyday use items.

When it comes to the infrastructure of the town, the residents of the town can surely confirm that the look of the town is very neat and elegant.

The town is built on a huge area and a major part of it is dedicated to parks, gardens, and playgrounds, which not only enhance the beauty of the town but also help in reducing pollution.

The eco-friendly environment combines with the comfortable and secure environment of the town and gives the vibe of a dream town, given that it is equipped with every amenity that a society must possess.

In Pakistan Town, the already built houses are very stylish, even the commercial areas are very well-designed and elegant. The town is divided into three phases and all of them have quick access to the markets, grocery stores, pharmacies, mosques, and parks.

The streets and roads of the town are built very wide so that the occupants do not face any difficulty regarding traffic jams or accidents.

The plots that are available in Pakistan town are both residential and commercial. These plots can be bought at reasonable prices.

The Pakistan Town offers the choice of paying the payment all at once or in the form of installments, to the people interested in buying the properties in the town.

There is a very good opportunity of gaining huge profits if one intends to buy the properties in the town. One of the perks of Pakistan Town Islamabad location is that it is merely minutes away from other popular neighboring residential societies.


Pakistan Town Islamabad is approximately 5 – 10 minutes’ drive away from Faisal Avenue. The PWD Housing Scheme and Korang Town are in the vicinity of Pakistan Town. The Police Foundation is nearly 10 and the Monument of Pakistan is almost 28 minutes’ drive away from the town.

Pakistan Town is equipped with all the principal necessities like water, gas, electricity, and sewage system. The town also has various schools, mosques, parks, markets, pharmacies, general stores, transport systems, and health clinics.

Pakistan Town offers residential plots and commercial plots in various sizes and at various rates. The rates of these plots are very sensible and an installment plan can also be followed if people cannot pay the payment at once.

The town provides a very wholesome and quality lifestyle to its residents. The infrastructure of the town is modern, sophisticated, and fascinating. The roads and streets of the town are extensive and are lined with several plants and flowers.

The environment of the town is very secure as it has so many CCTV cameras installed at almost every spot within the town.

The entrance of the town is highly guarded and no unauthorized person is allowed to enter the premises of the town. To ensure the consistent protection of the residents, the town is patrolled by uniformed guards 24/7.


The town is categorized into three phases; A, B, and C. All the phases share almost the same features with each other; each phase has an appropriate proportion for residential areas and commercial areas. Every phase has a completely functioning energy, gas, and water supply system. The street system has been also introduced in these phases.


Pakistan Town Islamabad offers residential, as well as, commercial plots in various sizes. The demands for these plots are very high as the town is up and coming housing society that is very likely to achieve further levels of success in the near future.

People want to invest their money in the properties of Pakistan Town because they know that it will help them in gaining the utmost profits.

Houses for Sale

The of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available for sale in Pakistan Town. The rate of 5 Marla houses ranges between PKR 85 lac to PKR 1.4 crore.

The price of 10 Marla houses is between PKR 95 lac to PKR 1.8 crore. Similarly, the rate of 1 Kanal houses ranges between PKR 1.8 crore to PKR 2.7 crore.

Residential Plots

Various residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available for sale in Pakistan Town. The rate of 5 Marla plots starts at PKR 43 lac and goes up to PKR 65 lac.

The price of 10 Marla plots ranges between PKR 55 lac to PKR 70 lac. Finally, the rate of 1 Kanal plots begins with PKR 90 lac and goes up to PKR 1.25 crore.

Houses for Rent

Pakistan Town also offers houses for rent, but the number of these houses is very limited. Every month, for a 5 Marla house, the rent is between PKR 26 thousand to PKR 40 thousand.

For 10 Marla houses, the monthly rent starts at PKR 28 thousand and goes up to PKR 65 thousand. Moreover, the rent of 1 Kanal houses ranges between PKR 40 thousand to PKR 70 thousand, monthly.

Commercial Plots

A large number of commercial properties are also up for sale and rent in Pakistan Town. These commercial properties include shops, plazas, and commercial units.


Pakistan Town Islamabad offers every basic facility to the residents of the town. The society has various shopping centers, markets, pharmacies, schools, mosques, real estate agencies, parlors, banks, parks, and food points, within the town and in proximity as well.

Basic Amenities

Pakistan Town provides the inhabitants with all the principal necessities like water, gas, and electricity. The supply of clean water is continuous and there is no water supply issue in all three phases of the town. There is no load-shedding of electricity and gas in the town.

Markets and Shopping Centers

The town has several markets, shopping plazas, and grocery stores. Some famous grocery stores and shopping centers in town are Khattak Department Store, Akhwan Family Mart, Mian G Milk Shop, Hill View Heights Shopping center, and China Market II.

Other shopping centers close to the town are Alfalah Super Store and Gulzar Market in Korang Town and Khan Market in the PWD Housing Society. These shopping spots are nearly 5 – 10 minutes’ drive away from the town.

Educational Institutes

The town has a number of schools that provide quality education. These schools include Allied School, Al Asar School System, Aliya Primary School, Aliya Nursery and Primary School, The Achievers School System, Al-Asar School System, The British School, The Pilot School, Dar-e-Arqam School, Dr. A. Q. Khan School System, National School and College, Pakistan Town, and North Star Academy.

The developers of the town plan to make colleges and universities in the town, though there are numerous colleges and universities in the vicinity of the town; Indus College in Police Foundation, Islamabad Model College for Girls, Korang Town, Indus College, Police Foundation, Noon-Wal-Qalam Science College, Police Foundation, and, Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Kahuta Road.

Hospitals and Health Care Centers

The hospitals and health care centers in the vicinity of the town include Maryam Memorial Hospital, Al-Ishan Hospital, and Shaafi International Hospital.

Several health clinics are situated within Pakistan Town, such as The New Life Rehab, Islamabad Psychological Clinic, Pak Polyclinic, Subh-e-Tanveer, and Skinz Laser Clinic.


Various mosques have been built in the town, whereas some are in the last phase of completion. The already built mosques are Jamia Masjid Allah Wali, Mosque & Imam Bargah Ghulaman-e-Masoomeen, and Makki Masjid. Furthermore, Madni Masjid and Pak Town Main Mosque will be completed and available for the locals in no time.

Other Amenities

Pakistan Town Complaint Office

The residents of the town will not find anything to complain about, but even if they had any complaint, they can visit Pakistan Town Complaint Office and their problems will be dealt with immediately.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Built very close to Korang Town and PWD Housing Society
Equipped with the basic and modern facilities
Offers a safe and comfortable atmosphere
Properties are at very reasonable prices
Offers decent investment chances
No objection worries about consents or NOCs

Why Invest in Pakistan Town Islamabad?

  • It is sited on main Islamabad Highway
  • It is situated very near to PWD Housing Society and Korang Town
  • It is very secure and safe
  • The plots are available at very reasonable prices
  • It has every basic facility
  • No illegal construction
  • It offers very good investment chances
  • The environment is elegant, secure, and comfortable
  • The infrastructure is very eye-catching
  • The streets and roads are wide and open
  • The environment is climate-friendly


Pakistan Town Faisalabad is an up and coming housing society in Pakistan. It is emerging as competition for other housing societies as it offers a very wholesome lifestyle to its residents. It offers great investment opportunities as well. It is equipped with all basic and modern facilities and provides a very secure environment for its residents.

FAQ’s about Pakistan Town Islamabad

What is Pakistan Town Islamabad?

Pakistan Town Islamabad is a residential society in Islamabad.

Where is Pakistan Town Islamabad located?

Pakistan Town Islamabad is located on the main Islamabad Highway.

Are there any other residential areas near Pakistan Town Islamabad?

The PWD Housing Society and Korang Town are the neighboring housing societies of Pakistan Town Islamabad.

Is Pakistan Town Islamabad legal?

Pakistan Town Islamabad is a completely legal project as it has the NOC approved by CDA.

What types of plots are available in Pakistan Town Islamabad?

Pakistan Town Islamabad offers residential and commercial plots of various sizes.

What sizes of residential plots are available in Pakistan Town Islamabad?

The residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available for sale in Pakistan Town Islamabad.

Does Pakistan Town Islamabad have an installment plan?

Pakistan Town Islamabad offers interested parties with an installment plan as well.

Is Pakistan Town Islamabad safe?

Pakistan Town Islamabad is a very secure housing society. It has many CCTV cameras installed in the town to ensure the security of its residents.

Which facilities Pakistan Town Islamabad offer?

Pakistan Town Islamabad offers all the basic needs like water, gas, electricity, and security. It also has numerous schools, mosques, health clinics, roads, parks, gardens, restaurants, cafes, salons, and shopping centers.

How can I book my plot in Pakistan Town Islamabad?

The process of booking the plot in Pakistan Town Islamabad is very easy. The things that you need for this process are:

  • Copy of your ID card
  • Your passport size picture
  • Down payment in the form of a cheque, cash, and pay order


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