Mega City Gujar Khan

Mega City Gujar Khan


The EarthLink and Grande housing society, Mega City Gujar Khan, is set to receive approval. On GT Road, you may find the Mega City.

It is a special housing development that is intended to be Gujar Khan’s top residential community. For a lavish lifestyle and the maximum return on investment, the developers have brought this concept to life (ROI).

The project’s owners have brought decades of experience to bear locally. There is no other project that could offer so much in one package whether you’re searching to invest in the best housing society or live in a top-notch residential development than Mega City.

It is not just a haven of safety with a border wall; it is also a location where investors would love to invest. The project would be built in accordance with modern standards, the developers have claimed.

Owners & Developers of Mega City:

EarthLink and Grande will likely create Mega City Gujar Khan. The developers are creating a Mega City that goes above and beyond the bounds of comfort and affordability thanks to their years of experience in the real estate sector.

The project will have a contemporary atmosphere thanks to contemporary architecture and cultural practices.

Several real estate services were previously offered by the developers, and all clients were completely satisfied. Technical expertise is provided for the project’s development by a highly qualified team of experts.

In Pakistan’s real estate sector, The Grande and EarthLink are already well-known for offering the highest level of openness.

They offer clients first-rate services, which ultimately leads to more sales. The primary goal of both businesses is to provide the best possible customer service. Because of this, clients have faith in developers.

NOC of Mega City:

The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Gujar Khan and Rawalpindi Development Authority would shortly accept the Mega City Gujar Khan No Objection Certificate (NOC) (RDA).

Compared to unlawful housing societies, approved housing societies have greater potential.

The project’s managers and developers are working hard to meet all requirements so that Gujar Khan can recognize the development as a legitimate housing society.

Location of Mega City:

Location of Mega City

Mega City Gujar Khan is located on the main GT Road in Gujar Khan, which makes for a very convenient position.

Mega City’s strategic position was planned with accessibility in mind. Go to Google Maps and type the name of the society to be sent directly there.

Master Plan of Mega City:

A highly skilled group of professionals with years of expertise methodically created, planned, and constructed the Mega City Gujar Khan Master Plan.

The group consists of developers, town planners, and architects. The idea promises unfathomable returns on little investments and is branded as a realm of unlimited possibilities.

It is a cutting-edge housing development with futuristic elements. Mega City Gujar Khan strives to offer opulent living at reasonable costs.

The society is also ideal for supporting Pakistan’s rapidly expanding population while maintaining affordable rates.

Residential Plot Sizes in Mega City:

It is anticipated that Mega City Gujar Khan will provide a variety of residential plots for sale at reasonable prices and in various sizes, including the following:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes in Mega City:

It is anticipated that Mega City Gujar Khan will provide a variety of commercial plots for sale at reasonable prices and in various sizes, including the following:

  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan of Mega City:

Mega City Gujar Khan offers payment plans with convenient instalment schedules that are fairly cheap. The Megacity Gujar Khan plots for sale are available for reservation through the society’s accredited dealers.

Before investing in this enterprise for significant financial gain, Etimaad International strongly advises that you conduct comprehensive investigation. The payment schedules will soon be communicated to our clients.

Mega City Latest Updates:

Mega City Gujar Khan’s construction is noteworthy because it is already under progress and a sizable portion has been built out.

Fast-moving earthwork is being done on the remaining terrain. On-site laborers are using about 100 pieces of equipment to complete the job on schedule and with the anticipated quality.

Facilities of Mega City Gujar Khan:

Facilities of Mega City Gujar Khan

At reasonable prices, the Mega City Gujar Khan offers contemporary amenities and features. Any opulent modern multipurpose project, which might be referred to as a whole real estate project, includes the facilities.

Water Resources:

The project has taken the residents’ water demands into consideration. To do this, enormous amounts of water will be stored in water reservoirs that the residents can utilize for daily tasks.

Hub for business and commerce:

The builders have taken care of all the commercial and economic requirements. The project will offer a comprehensive business space as a result.

The inhabitants can satisfy all of the project’s business needs from these locations.

Sustainable project:

A housing project needs residents to feel safe. People will have complete security from a security system that has perfectly placed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment.

In order to guarantee a high level of safety, the project will also be enclosed by a boundary wall with a failsafe system.

Why Invest in Gujar Khan’s Mega City?

Investment in Mega City Gujar Khan is advantageous for a variety of reasons. The best investment opportunity in Gujar Khan is Mega City for any investor wishing to put money into a successful project.

The following are some of the primary justifications for investing in Mega City Gujar Khan:

  • Eco-friendly \ Affordable
  • Spacious Properties in a Prime Location
  • Pristine Amenities
  • Soon-to-be-approved
  • Popular Developers
  • Development of International Infrastructure

How to Book your plot in Mega City?

Etimaad International always recommends to our esteemed clients to clear up any communication before asking management about the most recent booking method. The stated booking process is as straightforward as it can be.

You only need to take the apparently necessary actions listed below:

  • Give your reservation application form your complete attention.
  • Include a copy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • Make a down payment by check or money order payable to “Mega City Gujar Khan,” but verify the management procedure in case there are any updates.
  • Cash payments are also accepted with management approval.
  • Submit the necessary paperwork, make the payment, and obtain a receipt.


Q. How does Mega City Gujar Khan differ from other projects, and what is it?

Ans: Mega City Gujar Khan is a multipurpose project created to provide inhabitants with a distinctive living experience at a reasonable price.

Its creation has received the full attention of a group of engineers, architects, and other staff members with years of experience.

Q. Is Mega City Gujar Khan a legitimate and approved project?

Ans: RDA and TMA will shortly approve the Mega City Gujar Khan NOC.

Q. Is Mega City Gujar Khan a reasonably priced real estate venture?

Ans. Because of the simple Mega City Gujar Khan instalment plans, the answer is without a doubt. The management has been instrumental in striking a balance between affordability and luxury.


Mega City Gujar Khan is a posh residential and commercial development that has only one goal in mind: to give the residents a first-rate affluent living.

The key characteristics of this property are its luxurious amenities, reasonable price, and excellent location.

Contacting us would make it simple to purchase the available plots. We can also give you the account information for Mega City Gujar Khan.


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