Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore


The most well-known housing society now is the Blue Group’s most recent endeavor. They built another society in Lahore for the betterment of the city’s residents after the success of their housing society.

Lahore’s Blue Town Sapphire offers a complete lifestyle. It is constructing an eternal monument, not merely a housing society. It is designed to provide the best possible quality of life.

It has beautiful views and a lush green environment. The Blue Group Company has offered you this fantastic residential project (BGC).

Owners & Developers of Blue Town Sapphire:

Owners & Developers of Blue Town Sapphire

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is being constructed by the Blue Group Company in collaboration with other well-known contractors in order to complete the project quickly.

With such real estate ventures, BGC has embarked on a journey of significant accomplishments. BGC projects will be able to affect the long-term effects of trust on their customers and investors.

Its goal is to provide a set of sustainable, green, and inexpensive housing communities with all of today’s amenities. These types of projects will have a long-term impact on the lives of the people who reside there.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore aims to give investors with a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment. It will provide the highest living standards at a reasonable price.

NOC of Blue Town Sapphire:

NOC of Blue Town Sapphire

The Lahore Development Authority has approved the Blue Town Sapphire’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) (LDA). Its reference number is LDA/DMP-V/1406, and it was published on December 23, 2021.

Before purchasing any property, we always encourage our valued readers and clients to first obtain a lawfully granted No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the city’s competent development body.

Location of Blue Town Sapphire:

Location of Blue Town Sapphire

Blue Town Lahore is situated in one of Lahore’s most desirable areas. It is conveniently located near Lahore’s newly renamed zero-point, the N-5 national highway, and Manga Raiwind Road Lahore.

Any business or real estate project’s development and success rate are heavily influenced by its location. This is why such a strategic site was chosen for this type of high-end housing project.

The premium activities of residential developments also influence the rate of quick investment return. This service housing society is also close to a number of other residential developments and notable sites.

Map of Blue Town Sapphire:

Map of Blue Town Sapphire

Master Plan of Blue Town Sapphire:

Master Plan of Blue Town Sapphire

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore’s administration has unveiled a thoroughly developed master plan for this stunning housing society. There are 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots available for purchase on this 600 Kanal of land.

Corporate plots of 3, 5, and 8 Marla are also available. A, B, and C are the three sectors that it is separated into. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is a cosmic-level housing society in a good location in Lahore.

It is separated into three sections and provides a large number of plots at reasonable prices. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has a variety of plots to choose from, including:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Why would you want to wait? Take advantage of Etimaad International’s latest installment program to assure a bright future for you and your family. Blue World City has selected Etimaad International as its marketing and sales partner.

Payment Plan of Blue Town Sapphire:

Payment Plan of Blue Town Sapphire

Plot pricing and financing options change over time and are influenced by a variety of factors in the property market, including inflation and general rates in the area.

Each sector has its own location and amenities, as well as varying plot costs. The disbursement schedules differ depending on the plot category.

Amenities & Facilities of Blue Town Sapphire:

Amenities & Facilities of Blue Town Sapphire

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is set to include all of the modern residential society’s conveniences and facilities. This society’s level of modern amenities is unrivalled in Pakistan.

From the planning stages to the construction phase, no aspect has been ignored in order to live up to the promise of a world-class housing scheme. Designers, planners, designers, builders, and other staff members worked tirelessly to make all of the amenities and services possible.

All of this effort will ensure that a luxurious living is provided in a wise and environmentally sustainable manner. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is set to be a wonderful housing society with opulent amenities at affordable prices.

Jamia Mosque:

To meet the people’ religious demands, planners are planning to build a stunning Jamia mosque with contemporary architecture and decor.

Other modest mosques will be constructed as well. A huge number of people will be able to pray at the same time in this Jamia mosque without being crowded.

Road and Lane Infrastructure:

Its roadways and other associated infrastructure will serve as a model for other Pakistani builders and societies. This will be achievable due to the Blue Town’s introduction of one-of-a-kind infrastructures that will effectively facilitate the people.

Recreational Spaces & Parks:

An opulent living necessitates a healthy way of life. Green space, gardens, lawns, parks, and other green places have been developed as a hallmark component of the community that would also reflect the community’s elegance by the creators of the Blue Town Sapphire Lahore.


Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is a 600-acre premium housing community set in a prime spot just minutes from the M2 highway. It is being built to offer the luxury of a wealthy lifestyle with the added benefit of affordability, making it a desired housing society.

This stunning residential project is being built to serve Pakistan’s citizens in a way that no other society has ever done before. Blue Town Lahore has already acquired the trust of prestigious investors as a result of the success of Blue World City. This society is the type of establishment that attracts real estate investors.

The developers’ major goal is to raise people’s living standards by providing them with an entirely new option in Lahore. It aspires to create environmentally friendly environments that foster a strong bond between residents and nature.

Lahore’s Blue Town Sapphire will be a smart housing society. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has everything you might want in the twenty-first century. In this civilization, you can actually live your dream. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore was designed with Elegance and Convenience in mind.


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