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Imagine residing in a flourishing, tranquil neighborhood with all the creature pleasures of life inside the confines of civilization. That is what Al-Muntazar Garden Karachi is all about.

It is a gated community designed to improve urban living in Karachi by providing plots for both residences and businesses in various sizes.

The home development is intended to be the pinnacle of opulence and sophistication. The project is the ideal place to raise a family because it has all the contemporary conveniences, the best amenities, a prominent position, and easy access to urban amenities.

Location of Al- Muntazar Garden:

Location of Al- Muntazar Garden

ASF Housing Society smoothly connects the residents of Al-Muntazar Garden, which is located near DHA City on the M9 Motorway, with every facility within a short distance.

The project is located 5 kilometers from DHA City Karachi and 10 kilometers from Bahria Town.

Owners & Developers of Al- Muntazar Garden:

Al-Muntazar Garden is a project of YS Builders & Developers, which has launched multiple successful projects since its beginning, including homes and businesses as well as huge master housing community concepts.

All of our projects are historical landmarks that showcase the company’s exceptional vision and calibre over the course of its existence.

Master Plan of Al- Muntazar Garden:

The project offers home plots measuring 120, 200, and 400 square yards. The housing project was designed to improve living conditions and includes amenities that cater to consumers, such as 24-hour security, constant access to electricity, gas, and water, carpeted roads, appropriate sewage systems, boundary walls, hospitals, schools, farms, mosques, and playgrounds.

Payment Plan of Al- Muntazar Garden:

Investors can easily afford the payment schedule. The following four-year instalment options are offered for Al-Muntazar Garden plots for sale:

Facilities & Amenities of Al- Muntazar Garden:

There are several facilities and amenities in the housing society which are:


Nearly every block has a mosque, and Al-Muntazar Garden & Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block also has a Jamia Masjid and Imambargah to satisfy the religious needs of the Muslims.


We intend to build solar energy and wind power plants in Al-Muntazar Garden and Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block in response to the present energy scenario. As a result, there won’t be any load shedding when you get your electricity.


The globe is becoming more modern in many different ways in the modern era. Crime rates are significantly rising in Karachi. Because of this, a security system is crucial for us.

We will erect a wall boundary around the project for the safety of the Al-Muntazar Garden & Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block inhabitants. With trained and experienced security personnel, we will install the most recent security system.

Parks and the Green Belt:

The urban landscape can benefit greatly from parks. Parks offer spaces for health and well-being, a place to unwind and get away, mingle, and be in touch with nature, in addition to normal recreational applications. At the same time, parks can serve as the hub of the neighborhood.

For the project’s beauty and attractiveness, numerous green belts and greenish parks are added.

Sports Facilities:

Playgrounds are important to us because we need to play; we don’t stop playing because we get older; we stop playing because we get older.

Also included for the future generation’s mental and physical development are the playgrounds in Al-Muntazar Garden and Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block. where our kids can have fun playing games that interest them.

Educational Facility:

The most vital aspect of life is knowledge. Religious knowledge and secular knowledge are the two categories of knowledge.

These two categories of information are crucial for humans. Religious for his peaceful life both now and in the afterlife, while secular for his daily existence.

According to Imam Jaffer, Sadiq (A.S): “learn the principles of religious law. Anyone among you who lacks the ability to practice religious law is a peasant.”

All mothers desire to provide the best, most cutting-edge education for their kids. For this reason, Al-Muntazar Garden & Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block also contain modern schools & colleges.


Any residential project must have access to transportation. Transportation there is always available thanks to the main superhighway.

However, we have also set up a bus terminal for our project that will run from the project to Karachi’s major city center under the management of Al-Muntazar Garden & Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block.


Having access to medical services is crucial for a people in the modern era. We also intended to build a hospital in Al-Muntazar Garden and Al-Muntazar Garden VIP-Block, using the most up-to-date technology, under the direction of skilled medical professionals.

How to book Plot with Etimaad International:

Etimaad International emphasizes the openness and trust of its customers, thus we advise finding out about the most recent paperwork needs before making a reservation. Both residential and commercial plots are offered by other housing societies, like Blue World City.

In order to purchase a property at Al- Muntazar Garden, the following documentation is needed:

  • International clients must provide two passport-size photos to NICOP.
  • Your National Identity Card in two copies
  • Your next of kin’s ID card in two copies


The Al-Muntazar Garden project is a state-of-the-art, contemporary housing complex that provides a high level of living for its occupants. The houses at the property, which is on Pakistan’s main M-9 motorway, are luxurious.

The development includes a range of amenities and services with the intention of improving the quality of life for individuals who reside there.

Now, while the program is still in the planning stages, is the ideal time to invest in it. Once the project is finished, buyers and investors will undoubtedly show a lot of interest.


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